It's That Kind Of Day


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Scene Title It's That Kind Of Day
Synopsis A convergence of three people in chinatown.
Date January 10, 2009


On this cloudy day in Chinatown, some people are shopping others eating and some like Isabelle are just coming from running an errand. A bag is in her hand and she wears a tight black tank top along with a red and black miniskirt and knee high black boots with buckles up the sides. Her hair is down and trailing behind her somewhat as she walks and the wind blows in it. Her outfit gets a few stares, especially since it is not exactly warm. That doesn't bother Isabelle of course.

Big sunglasses, scarf, jeans, hat. She's dressed incognito and in chinatown. Minus her assistants. Nalani, the undercover editor. yet, she sticks out like a sore thumb, because what she wears is all labels. High class versions of 'normal' clothes. Aka a thousand dollar version of a 40 dollar trench coat. "Rami, you had better not be lying to me. Really. This had better be important. I don't like being kept waiting" The woman quasi whines as she shifts through some knock off Dior glasses. The real ones were on her nose. "Fine fine. He seems worth this… inconvenience, especially since he seems to be someone you approve of. I have to go Akhy. Dinner next week. Reservation standing" And with supposed the person on the other end hanging up, she turns her phone off and turns away, bundled up in her clothes to look around. She's not here for shopping. She's here people watching. Practicing.

Some may prefer a less windy day, but Reese and her tiny canine companion look right at home in it. The blonde stands near a surprisingly vacant bus stop, leaning her hip against one of the benches situated near by. Seeing as she's facing the opposite direction of Isabelle, she doesn't notice the woman at first. In fact, it's the tubby long-haired dachshund's alarming bark that brings Reese to turn. With the dog on the ground, and secured by a red leash, it can't move more than a few feet away from it's owner before being yanked back gently. "Stop that, Memphis." She commands her pooch, as he continues to yelp and howl. Look, another person to bark at! When Memphis notices Nalani, he then turns to bark at her, now. finally, completely, fed up with her dog's behavior, Reese kneels down and snatches her dog up into her arms.

The bartender raises and eyebrow at the obvious 'rich girl' and the dog barking at her. "He must not like you very much." Izzy comments and crosses her arms and leans against a nearby street post to watch.

Isabelle's eyed, behind the glasses, so dark you can't see her eyes. She's dismissed for whatever purpose she has in mind. The girl, with the dog though. She's watched, and the dachshund. Rami would be wincing, and Nalani has to curb the urge to ask the woman to shut the dog up. It's not like the blonde isn't trying to. But wait, the pouty lipped.. streetwalker? is talking to her. "I'm not a dog person. Aren't you cold?"

Reese holds the pooch against her body, one of her hands gently cupping over the snout of the dog to quiet it down. It's bark are muffled, but still slightly audible. "Sorry," she murmurs, slowly letting go of the dog's mouth to find that he's finally shut up. "Don't mind him. He just thinks he's a Great Dane." Reese says, emitting a bit of an awkward and nervous laugh to the two. When Nalani asks if Isabelle's cold, her brows furrow in concentration. Seconds later, the wind becomes much less violent, and turns into a light breeze. "Going to catch something if you dress like that in even colder weather." Reese tells Isabelle with a slightly raised brow.

"Nah, I'm actually pretty warm. I don't get cold.. hardly ever." Isabelle shrugs with a eyebrow raises and comes to stand near Reese, her eyes are on the woman and she blinks as she sees Reese's facial expression and then the immediate change of the wind. What wa- naah. Izzy is just getting paranoid that everyone she knows is Evolved. "May I?" she asks gesturing to Reese's dog. She, unlike Nalani is very much a dog person. She looks at Nalani with a tilt of her head but returns her gaze on Reese.

There's a shrug and Nalani is studying Reese as well. Completely different reason. Though she registers the shifting of the wind, and looks around. "Where are you from and how old are you?" A gaggle of girls walk by, Nalani's eyes shift behind the glasses towards them, before they look to the cheap costume jewelry on the tables near the bus stop. "Made of stern stuff then, if you don't get cold"

"Lucky you," Reese replies to Isabelle's first statement. "Must save hundreds in warm clothing that way." She says, and watches as Isabelle approaches her and her dog. Memphis has calmed down quite a bit, and he looks content to just sit in Reese's arms like a sack of useless potatoes. "Sure. He doesn't bite… or do anything other than bark, sleep, and eat." The girl says, shaking her head while offering Memphis over to be pet. "His name is Memphis Warrior… I swear, I wasn't the one who gave him that name." She's weird, but not THAT weird. Poor pup.

She looks a bit taken aback by Nalani's sudden demands. After a moment of quiet hesitation, she shrugs and says, "I'm from Toronto, and I'm nineteen years old."

"You could say that." In response to Nalani, Iz does notice how the other watches /everything/ and everyone. Looks like we have a nosy one here. "Oh yes, I only own one winter coat." She does indeed and reach over to pet Memphis and she smile warmly at the canine, "You and Roxy would have a lovely time together." She scratches Memphis behind the ears, looking at Nalani, "You planning on asking her out or something? Because I think there are more.. /subtle/ ways to figure out if a woman is gay." Izzy puts her hands on her hips.

Doesn't that bring a smile to Nalani's face, the toothy kind that you can see her gums and her laughter is throaty and maybe familiar to those who adore the tabloids. "No. I'm not thinking about that, nor am I planning on doing that. Why, jealous if I would ask her and not you?" Two can play that game.

"Same," Reese replies, after clearing her throat a bit and adjusting the way she holds Memphis in her arms. Her lack of winter clothing is more likely because she doesn't have the funds, not because she's unaffected by the cold. "Roxy's your dog?" The blond asks, when Izzy brings it up. Memphis, meanwhile, gives a lazy wuff as he's scratched.

Reese pauses when the two start asking each other questions. Her brows furrow all over again, and her expression turns into a combination of confused, and weirded out. "I… don't like labels?" Which would be code phrase for: 'I'm 19, and I still don't know what I want!' Regardless of what her sexual preference is, she doesn't seem to enjoy listening to Nalani and Isabelle bicker.

"However did you come to that conclusion?" Isa grins wickedly and laughs softly. She throws her hair behind her and looks from Reese to Nalani. "I tend to like my lovers.. with a little extra something." She winks at Nalani and nods in Reese's direction. "Yes she is, a german shepherd." Isa takes her hand away from Memphis after one more scratch and chuckles at Reese's facial expression, "Labels? Don't worry, you have plenty of time to discover what you want." Iz says to Reese. Placing her hands on her hips, "I would ask you to come and work for my bar because we are still looking for more bartenders.. but.. I don't know how you would receive that."

Which only makes Nalani smile, that much more at Isabelle's retort. She dips a hand into her pocket offering it to Reese. 'You should take the card, call the number, as for an appointment at the next cattle call." There's something extra on the voice, something invisible, completely natural and unnoticed by those not meant to be targeted. Slipping in with the words to swirl around the mind. Nalani looks to Isabelle, one brow rising. "Where do you work?"

Reese uses her fingers to wrap up Memphis' leash around her fingers, doing her best to hold onto the dog without dropping him. At the very same time, she works to stifle a bit of a laugh in light of Izzy and Nalani. Funny, how she'd just been standing there, and the next second she's being offered a card, and a job at the same time. "Extra something…? German shepherd? … Job?" She stares a bit more pointedly and suspiciously at Isabelle. "Whatever happened to the whole interview/resume section of the hiring process?"

She takes the card with her one free hand, eying it through her light brown eyes. "Cattle call?" These two were just down right dumbfounding to Reese. Normally, she wouldn't ask to many stupid questions.

"I /own/ Old Lucy's in the Village." Isa says to Reese and Nalani. To Reese, "I usually do an audition period and then you get the job, as long as you haven't been arrested for any shady dealings of course. I only asked because I'm looking for girls that will catch the guy's attention and then we all get bigger tips." The woman laughs and tilts her head at Reese, "I hope I didn't offend you." Isabelle takes that change to slide Nalani a question, "And your occupation?"

There's a pause (pun not intended) as Nalani studies Isabelle behind her glasses. then one leather wrapped hand comes up to push her glasses off her nose. "Nalani Hollingwood. Pause Magazine. I like to come down here and see if I can find people with potential. Bodies and faces that would be successful in the modeling world. Sometimes they are, sometimes their not. I think this young woman has something" It's like page six of the New York Times. That businesswoman slash socialite, who helps set the fashion trends. Except she's not on the paper but right there.

It's all a bit of a compliment-overload for Reese. Her eyes go a bit glazed over as the two of them speak, and she looks absolutely sick with disbelief. About 15 minutes ago she was worrying herself to death over how she'd pay for her university tuition. She's still got the card held in front of her face, and when she finally snaps out of it, she takes a big breath in. "No offense taken at all." She says to Isabelle, her voice cracking once, maybe twice, with excitement. "I'm actually… pretty flattered by both of you. I was just thinking about applying to some places for a job." She breathes, fanning herself with the card she was given by Nalani. "And I read Pause all the time. It'd be amazing to model for the magazine."

Isabelle nods her head and smiles at Nalani, "Big shot in the magazine, huh?" She crosses her arms and grins at Reese. "Whatever pays the bills better right?"

"Take her job too" There's a gesture to Isabelle. "It'll be rough, if you make it to find someone to take you on. I run the magazine, I don't run the lives of models. Call them, tell them that I sent you. That should get you through the front door. Though I suggest you leave the dog at home. But it's always good to have a fallback" She's practical. "Besides, I've heard of Old Lucy's." But that's all she's said. "Have a good day ladies" The sunglasses are perched back on Nalani's face, obscuring her, and she turns to head off.

Reese's started to squeeze her dog a little tighter now, to the point where Memphis looks a bit uncomfortable. "This is insane…. What an opportunity." She breathes, and when Memphis wiggles, she loosens her hold on him. "I don't think models spend that much time doing photo shoots anyway. And… there's always part time shifts in other jobs, right?" She says, while her eyes shift back and forth between Nalani and Isabelle. "I'm Reese Valley, by the way. And I'm definitely interested in both jobs. I'll have my schooling paid off in no time."

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