It's The Same As Always


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Scene Title It's The Same As Always
Synopsis Adelaide comes to NYPD Headquarters to ask some questions about registration.
Date July 19, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.

The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

The Police department, Adelaide opened the door and stepped inside. She toyed with her finger a moment nervously and unsure about it. She pulled out a small book and a pen and began writing.

Cassidy is currently standing, hands braced against the top, leaning over it to the man behind the Sargent's desk looking less then thrilled. "Okay.. Let me explain this again.. slowly. I… am… not… interested…" Of course, the man behind the desk looks rather dejected as she leans back. The entry of Adelaide distracts both from whatever they are talking about. Putting on a bit of a smile Cassidy offers a.. "Need some help, ma'am?"

Coren is, meanwhile, at his desk drinking a cup of tea — as is his custom — while reviewing the latest paperwork. Even now that he's no longer handcuffed to his desk, there always seems to be paperwork to do. Go figure. Despite being a whole floor up, the exchange between his partner and the desk sergeant are not lost on him, and it pretty much ceases his reviewing. He brings his cup of tea down the stairs about the time Cassidy approaches Adelaide, and he is grateful for the reprieve in the desk sergeant's harassing his partner.

Adelaide thinks. She pauses. "Umm it depends. I was thinking of at least asking about that Registry, since it the law and all. I wanted to know more about it."

There is a glance towards Coren, Cassidy rolls her eyes and purses her lips. Sorry.. He seems to think I need a younger man in my life. Her mental tones bland, of course he'd know that.. he'd have a clue as to the man asking her out… again. When Adelaide addresses her again, she offers the woman a smile. "Sure.. What exactly would you like to know?"

Adelaide smiles. "Anything everything. I've been hearing things on both sides of the rules. So I felt I needed to come to perhaps peoplw who knew, vs. Second hand. I mean are there benefits, are they're draw backs, you know besides the inherit descrimination."

Well, I am old enough to be your father, Coren muses. Hold on, I forgot your coffee. Their level of on-verbal communication has increased substantially over the days, much to their own consternation and that of their peers. It's not awkward for them until people see them staring at each other. It's only about a minute before Coren returns with a coffee in one hand and his tea in the other. The coffee is offered over to Cassidy. "Well, you've come to the right place, since we know people on both sides of the fence ourselves," Coren says quietly to Adelaide.

Adelaide nods. "Thanks. I guess, I sort of wanted to know more about it, figure out where what is what… I mean. It could be a tool for discrimation if used improperly… like the voting reading test for former slaves or impovershed blacks. Or even worst of all, that weed act that the government had once completely a catch 22, you needed to drugs to get the liscence but being in posession-in order to get the liscense- landed you in jail for not having it."

Bless you, you wonderful man. I could kiss you. Cassidy takes the mug thankfully, wrapping hands around with and inhaling the smell of it deeply. She pauses realizing what went through her mind. She give him an apologetic look. Sorry.. figure of speech. Her attention shifts to Adelaide. "He's right. Come on.. We'll move to a conferance room." She glances at the people at the desk eying them suspiciously. "Tend to be people on both sides here…" She adds in a low voice. "I'm Detective Cassidy O'Shea… This is my partner Detective Coren Shelby. We know what your going through. Better then any booklet."

"Booklets are overrated," Coren says as he leads the way to a conference room. "I have always liked the analogy that the registry of evolved is like the Department of Motor Vehicles' registry of licensed drivers. It's simply a registery of those who are licensed to use their abilities — they keep date of birth, height, weight, et cetera. Personally, I think that particular spin may have gone over better with the general populous than simply a registry of who can do what, which is more comparable to the registry of sex offenders. Statistically, that tends to cause more harm than good."

"They are overrated. And tend to be written by people that are not on the other side of things. So they totally do not understand." Letting the young woman move ahead of her, while she follows along behind, sipping happily at her coffee. Even if it is the office sludge that is rumored to put hair on one's chest. There is a whistle behind her as she get's ready to head up the stairs. Glancing back she sees the desk sargent hold up his hand in the universal signal to call him. How the hell did he get to be a sargent? The man is bloody clueless. She gives a little shake of her head and heads up the stairs. Watching her partner's retreating back, somethign about all of it, brings back the memory of her vision from Joseph. The shackles between her and Coren.. the chanting. She tries to blank her mind and concentrate on what is at hand. "It's not all that bad really."

Adelaide blinks. That was new. She shook her head again, trying to clear her mind of images seen. "So… uh.. about this registry. I mean depending on where you live it could be take as 'sex offernder' type of registry."

Probably slept with someone, Coren replies back by way of thought to Cassidy. He closes the door to the conference room and quirks his brow at Adelaide when she shakes her head. Having some experience seeing things he shouldn't, he recognizes that look, but doesn't act on it at all. He brings back memories of his seeing Cassidy having sex with Mortimer — from her perspective, no less — and that's not something he tries to think about too often. He clears his head before he embarasses Cassidy too much just by thinking about it. "Not so much where you live as to whom you live near. Some people take more offense than others. Some people care, some people don't."

Coren takes a seat on one of the cold steel chairs and sets his tea down on the matching table after taking another sip. "The main problem with the registry is created by two sets of people: The people who want to acquire all the information in the registry for illicit purposes, and those who are opposed to its very existence. Unfortunately, the registry was put into place in a hurry, and like any new and untested system, it has its flaws. Provided it doesn't eventually get abolished, I would say it will probably be some years before it starts working without the various kinks it has."

Adelaide nods. "Which means it dangerous. Some nut job could hack it get his names on those he deems 'dangerous' and do irrepairable damages to lives and families."

Cassidy catch that memory from her partner and her cheeks turn red, Damn you. Careful not to drop her mug, she drops into one of the empty chairs. "I haven't heard anything yet. I mean.. better to know who is dangerous then not." There is a shrug and she adds. "I'm a registered empath." It's not anything she hides after all. "I carry a card from Home Sec that says so." She pulls out a wallet from her pocket and pulls out the ID card and drops in on the table. "I haven't had any issues yet. Even before registration I was concidered a freak.. Well.. me and my dad cuase we always had some kinda gut feelign about things. Ended up being Empathy." Of course talking about her father, brings out memories of her standing at his coffin during a funeral.

Adelaide shivers. "Well what I worry about is you know when and if they found what someone's abiltiy is— they might try to take advantage or try and manipulate them in some fashion. Esppecially someone who's just coming into their power, like a kid or something. Or a teenager."

As much as he would like to admit that there have been past abuses, Coren keeps his mouth shut regarding that. Instead, he mimics his partner and pulls out his registration card. "Superhuman endurance. If they want someone to run a forty-hour plus shift without tiring or impairing their judgement, the department calls me first." Yes, he even makes a bit of a joke about it. He tucks the card back into his wallet. "There are abuses with any system, no matter how large or small. There's identity theft, credit card fraud, insurance scams. The list goes on and on. Nothing is flawless, and registration of evolved certainly can't claim to be. I don't know about using it to manipulate someone — like blackmail — but anything's possible. I personally haven't heard of such a case."

Adelaide nods. "What if someone is just a student then?"

Tucking her own card away, Cassidy eyes the woman curiously. "Not sure what your asking? Will it make you less eligible to go to the university? No. The discrimination laws effect us just as well as anyone else." Leaning forward on the table she gives a small smile. "I wouldn't worry about it too much really."

"Then you update your information. I was listed as unknown til recently." Cassidy offers with a shrug taking a drink of her coffee. Her nails tap on the outside of the mug, thoughtfully. "But it's a good tool for the police.. I'll be honest, if we know someone was killed a certain way we can look at the list. So it just depends." Resting her arms on the table she sighs. "Besides.. It's best to get it done willingly.. then it being forced on you.. Cuase anyone arrested is tested and registered…Much like criminals have DNA taken."

Adelaide says, "But then that means that if it 'looks' like a Evoled did it can be discrimination even if its just a normal person who commited the crime."

"Respectfully," Coren says, setting his tea down again, "In my limited experience dealing with evolved cases, crimes that appear to have been committed by an evolved typically are. There are very few abilities that can be emulated through mundane means. Besides, we don't stop doing our jobs just because we have a list of possible suspects. It just means that if it was done through mundane means, we waste a little bit of our time acquiring alibis for those on our list. It's not the most elegant solution, but it serves its purpose."

Adelaide nods. "True. Sorry I just worry about the implications of minority and evolved people."

Spreading her hand, Cassidy sits back. "I wish I could say it's totally safe and nothing will go wrong. But like anything there is risks. One day someone could use my social security number or my credit cards to steal my identity. And go on a shopping spree or buy a car.. Nothing is flawless. Nothing is perfect." A glance is given to her partner, before looking at Adelaide again. "…but it's also the law. One that even though I'm evolved support and agree with."

Adelaide nods. "You're also an officer. I mean. It's hard to say what my ability is. And I'd rather not have my neighbors knocking at my door… wanting to to know why I am what I am… I mean… my family very well could have been… " she sighs. "I just think it's a bit strange to expect people to register when not everyone has to.. I mean normal people don't. But you all seem to think people with these gifts do… like it's a 'threat'."

"Only law enforcement can access the information for those whose abilities cannot pose a threat," Coren says, taking a sip of his tea before setting the mug back down on the table. "There are different tiers based on the level of threat. Normal people, as you put it, do have to be licensed if they own a gun or possess a certain level of proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. Essentially, the government is deciding who is or isn't a threat based on their ability. Tier zero is for those whose abilities pose no threat under any circumstances. The regular information is collected, but only law enforcement can acquire it — it's not available to the public.

"My photo, general location — Manhattan in this case — and name and ability are available on the state's registry website. I'm Tier One. Because I can endure a great deal of physical strain, I am considered equivalent to someone who possesses great proficiency in combat. I am not, but can be considered a threat under certain circumstances, beyond the threat level of a normal person.

"Do I resent the fact that my information, limited as it is, is available to the public? Not really. Just because they know I live on Manhattan, doesn't mean anyone can find me. Just because they see my photo doesn't let them know I'm a detective with the New York Police Department, or am former FBI, possess a doctorate in criminology. It just has my name, a brief description of my ability, and the fact that I'm on Manhattan. I'm not listed in the phone book."

Adelaide nods. "Well what if say someone had the ability to manipulate minds, or create flames, or maniulate electrical signals… those could be in the right hands or under coersion be very dangerous powers?"

"My position as an officer does not effect my feeling for the system." Cassidy says with an amused smile, tapping a finger on the table. "I supported it before I knew what I was. I agreed with it.. I saw people get killed for being evolved, but not because they registered." Climbing to her feet, the detective looks to her partner. Just wasting breath with this one. The woman looks weary, it's the same as always. They come try to tell them they are wrong. "Anyone can be dangerous. Even the little kid down the street. Some are just more so then others." Another glance at Coren she add mentally in a sour mood, Come on.. I'll buy dinner tonight.

Adelaide nods. "No you're right." she breaths standing. "Thanks for answering my quiestions.

"Not a problem," Coren says, also standing and taking his tea with him. "If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact anyone in the department. We'd be more than happy to assist you."

"Yup." Is all Cassidy says as she heads for the door, opening it for the woman to walk through. Her eyes turn to her partner and she sighs. "I don't want to go out front again.. I just know he's waiting for me to come down." She grumbles.

Adelaide nods. She leaves though her thoughts and mind are turning over and over at different things about this registry.

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