It's What We Do


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Scene Title It's What We Do
Synopsis Kailin wants more information on Adam Monroe. Len has nothing more for him.
Date May 27, 2009

Office of Len Denton

Granted, Len's time is spent inside his office more than he'd like, but it all comes with the territory. It's his job. He'd like to be more in the field, and he's hoping this next assignment will give him that opportunity. Of course, it helps to have a negator on his team. He's called in Kailin Knight for a briefing session. He stands and shakes the man's hand before resuming his seat. "I know you've been waiting for an assignment, so I sent you one, but I've been hearing that you have some questions about it."

Kailin gives a nod towards Len and says, "Well, to start, its nice to meet you." He smiles politely and gives a nod, the smile fading rather quickly. "As for this assignment, while I'm more than willing to under take it, to be quick succinct, I can't even begin without more access to information." He shrug lightly and says, "So I guess I just need more information before I can start to get close to this guy. So far I've been putting out feelers for another cover and its gone fairly well, but this assignment is goin to require… more."

"Undestand, Agent Knight that this agency runs strictly on a need to know basis. If it's something I can tell you, I will. Otherwise, you'll have to put your detective skills to work and track this guy down. Remember, you're only to try to infiltrate his circle. Protect yourself, but do not go on the offensive with him." He leans back in his chair. "What sort of questions do you have? If I can, I will answer them."

"Well, tracking him down and going on the offensive would be much easier." Kailin shakes his head and says, "If that was my assignment I probably wouldn't be here." He motions to the door and says, "But out there, finding him without raising suspicion is going to be another thing. I'd need to know his associates. They are going to be the easiest way to make my way in. And additional information where he is most likely to be found, interests, needs and likes/dislikes. Should I be looking on Staten Island or here in the city - those kinds of things." He shakes his head and says, "Really, all I have right now is his name, his picture, and his power. I've started to work up a personality profile, but it is woefully incomplete. Really, anything you have would be helpful."

Len glances at the agent for a long moment. "Agent Knight. I can tell you what I know. The man has killed at least one agent recently, shot another, and attacked a third. He is also blackmailing someone who assist this organization on a regular basis threating to expose her ability to the world. The man is a worm." He leans forward on his desk. "If I had all that information that you wanted, I wouldn't need you, now would I? This is the exact reason I am sending you out there. I need someone to try and get on the inside and get us more information. The packet you received also gave you a list of hangouts. As far as associates go, we do not have any of that information. It's what I need you to find out. This is what we do, Agent Knight. We investigate."

Kailin furrows his brow and his head drops as he takes in that bit of information. His head speeds over the options, sorting out possible from impossible, likely from unlikely. He raises his head again with a deep breath and lets it out quickly. Giving a nod he says, "Understood. I thought there might be more. In my access, I noticed that there was much more information that couldn't be accessed including several encounters from other agents." He nods again and says, "it may take some time, but I'll get it done." A waits a moment and then adds. "That was all, then I'm good."

"More specifically, Agent Knight. I need to know when he's most vulnerable, and when the best time to approach is. Any additional information I have is classified, and as I looked through it — completely unnecessary for your mission. Adam Monroe has only recently resurfaced, so this other information is very outdated. I wasn't going to give you information that may not be of any use to you." Len considers for a moment. "If at any time you feel like you've been made, then I expect you to fall back — come see me and we'll regroup. I am anticipating that I'll be meeting with him face to face at some point very soon. When I do, you'll be there."

"Understood." Kailin nods and says, "I'll get it done. If that's what you want, I'll make it happen." He gives just the hint of a smile and says, "I appreciate the time. I'll get on it right away." With a final nod he turns, heading back out the door, his hand going to his phone, flipping through the information he's already arranged.

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