It Sounds So Futury


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Scene Title It Sounds So Futury
Synopsis Aaron, Peyton, and Wendy celebrate New Year's Eve and Peyton's birthday.
Date December 31, 2009

Some Club

New Year's Eve just happens to be Peyton Whitney's birthday. Some joked that the stars had ordained that she would be a party-girl from the beginning, but lately she hasn't had much reason to party. Still, it's her twenty-first birthday, and she can actually buy a drink legally, not that the illegality of it has stopped her for the last several years. Wendy and Aaron both insisted that they do something to celebrate the fact that Ms. Whitney had managed to make it to the ripe age of 21 — no small feat, given some of the recent events in her life.

It's hard to decide what to wear when one has a hot pink cast on one foot, plus two silver crutches as accessories. Somehow Peyton's managed. She's dressed in a shimmery silvery-pink blouse, a black skirt, and on the one foot not in cast, a black boot. Normally she'd go for heels, but hopping around on one heel in the snow? Not recommended.

"Where are we going, anyway?" she asks. They have a car today, rather than a cab. It's too hard to find a cab on New Year's Eve.

Where the car drops them off, Aaron and Peyton didn't know ahead of time and likely only Peyton knew about this place. You know, the kind of place that frankly doesn't advertise that they're there, they're open or what goes on. It's all word of mouth and hush hush and up to the moment on dit, exclusive.

Figures that Wendy knew it and odds are Peyton once they're through the door, knows it too. Some famous little newly hawked band plays out in the main area of the bar, but they're not going there.

Wendy didn't take hours to dress up to parade Peyton and Aaron through the bar where the few not so in the know people just happened to stumble into the party and are gawking. She's planned ahead. Little alcoves, sheer fabric ready to be draped across the openings for privacy and who knows what else is the destination. Some trendy petite hostess guiding them through as Wendy teeters on stilettos and looks like a cat who ate the cream. VIP tonight and who knows what else.

Aaron's not new to exclusive clubs. This one, perhaps, but he did play a few back in the day. The band was good, back when there was a band. But that's not something he chooses to reminisce upon as he follows Wendy and Peyton — and their petite hostess — into their own private alcove. At least his suit still fit. He had to iron the black pants and his blue off-white shirt, but the suit jacket at least was still in good condition. God knows where his tie ended up, though. Not that any of that can be seen under the black long coat he wears, wrapped up for the chilly weather, though now that he's inside, finally unravelling his red scarf.

His eyes drift from here to there as he takes the place in. It's not quite gawking as some other patrons are, but he definitely hasn't been in a place this nice for some time. Even the lounge that now rests in his memory as the place of his moment of insanity wasn't as nice. Granted, it doesn't have a bad memory latched onto it.

"I should have a ceremonial cutting up of my fake ID now that I don't need it," Peyton says with a laugh. At least Aaron will be happy that she no longer is an underage drinker. "Go figure, now I don't really drink that much." She's learning to control her power when intoxicated, but it's still difficult and not something she wants to have to think about when getting drunk. Sort of defeats the purpose. "Wendy, you didn't have to go to this much trouble. I mean, you could be out with John or something."

"Nah, John's not that kind of guy" In other words, they're not dating. Just something but certainly not dating. "Besides, I didn't know what to get you for you're birthday" She'd already given a Christmas present to Peyton, a small portrait of the socialite, done in pencil and done on the sly while the woman was watching TV or something. Catching the 'essence' of Peyton and a side most don't ever see. Aaron even got a present of a couple different giftcards to places.

She flops down onto the suede cushions and immediately picks up the drink list. Sublimate the need for refrain with something else. She stopped taking the Bella prescribed drug because OBVIOUSLY it didn't work. "Order whatever, it's covered. My present, to both of you but mostly you Pey. The hot guys who man the bar promised to come over and sing happy birthday, turns out one is trying to be an opera singer"

Because Aaron loves feeling indebted to someone he already has such a dodgy friendship with. Then again, at least she had been easy to pick a gift for. A small but classy oil paint set with several different brushes in a polished wooden case with a cherry finish. It wasn't cheap, but thankfully not terribly expensive either, and the giftcards definitely helped make up for the expense.

Getting a gift for Peyton was another story, especially since he also felt inclined to buy her a birthday present, which he has hidden in that enormous long coat of his. Though unspoken, the fact that he was still alive on Christmas Day was probably gift enough. Nevertheless, he padded that gift with a giftcard to a clothing boutique, hoping that the birthday present he got for her would make up for the impersonal Christmas gift.

After helping Peyton take a seat if she chooses, Aaron follows Wendy's example and settles on the suede cushions, himself. He examines the drink list. At this point, he'll have anything with alcohol in it that's inexpensive.

"I'm horribly uncultured and don't like opera music, but I'm sure he has a nice voice for something as unclassy as Happy Birthday," Peyton says with a grin. She sits, trying to do so in a ladylike way, and tucks the crutches against the sofa. "I can't believe it's 2010 tomorrow. Well, tonight. Aren't we supposed to all have rocket packs and hovercraft by now?"

Of course she told Aaron not to get her anything. For Christmas, he got a sweater, new jeans, and a leatherbound notebook, embossed with his initials, of music-composition paper — a subtle hint for him to get composing again. Or maybe not so subtle. Wendy got a cashmere scarf and a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes in fuchsia.

Of which, Wendy is wearing. Aren't they pretty? Someone wanders by, suited and bearing no pad to write down orders but they are there to take the order none the less. Wendy fires off a mixture of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to the man, as well as a bunch of appetizers. She plans for them being here for ages tonight or until Aaron decides he's had enough.

"Twenty ten and Twenty-One. Aaron, our little Pey is all grown up and helping save the world" She drapes across the other woman, rubbing her nose eskimo kiss fashion against the other woman then pressing cheek to cheek.

"Welcome to the wide world of legal age. Finally, you are one of us" There's a pause. "You are of the body, you are of Landru"

Aaron eyes Wendy as she fires off the drink orders with no consultation to what the others might want to drink. Not that it matters. Booze is booze at this point. At least they're in private. And there Wendy is, seated alongside Peyton in the position he wishes he were in. And then… "Huh?" Aaron might be the first to say it. "Landru-wha?" The sudden stumping completely derails his original intention to break Wendy and Peyton apart by pulling out the birthday gift, but perhaps that can wait until after food, or something. A more appropriate time, anyway.

"Oh, God. Like age matters that much." Spoken by the youngest amongst them, of course. "And speak English. I am of Landru? I don't even know Landru." She's fine with the orders of drinks and food — Wendy knows what she likes, and she's the one paying, so whatever. It's not like Peyton's ever been picky when it comes to alcohol.

Leave it to Aaron to assume Wendy ordered for him and not just random drinks for the table - and likely for her and Peyton. She actually left Aaron's drink ordering for him to deal with. She hasn't lived in Peyton's apartment as a guest without picking up on some things and without at least being a bit more civil if not actually downright nice to him.

The hostess waits for Aaron's request, ignoring the big production that Wendy's putting on. "So. New Year's Eve. Means resolutions. What are you all choosing to do this year hmm?"

Aaron does in fact assume she was ordering for him, so it confuses him for a bit when the hostess does not leave. Resolutions. Pfff. Is it not enough that he just gets up in the morning? "Oh, um. I'll have a Tequila Sunrise and a Long Island Iced Tea, please and thank you." At least he's remembered some of his manners. As for resolutions, those are for he and he alone to know. That way he can only disappoint himself when he fails to achieve it or them, as the case may be.

Peyton looks surprised. Two drinks for Aaron? It must be a holiday! "No resolutions. I just … you know… plan to help out where I can, like I've been doing." She blushes a touch at that, then changes the subject. "I saw Abby the other day — so some of the people who've been out on that … job… are back. Hopefully Gill and the rest will be following soon after."

"Abby?" Not someone Wendy knows so she assumes that she's letting the name drop because of Aaron. Retreating back to her respective seat, Wendy folds her long legs under her, pink choo's poking the cushions and looks out at the band that's rocking away. Neither of them opting to discuss resolutions. Ah well.

Eyes light up ever-so-slightly at the news that Gillian might be returning soon. That would definitely improve Aaron's situation some. Having another anchor is always a good thing, especially given his recent issues inherent with the time of year. Not that he used to abhor Christmas and other holidays, but with so few people to share it with, it's gone beyond losing most of its meaning. Plus, it would improve the home situation with regards to the nightmare issue. One more body to keep watch. He leans into his seat, eyes on Peyton. At least she's doing something with her gift. Something useful. He can't exactly say the same thing about himself. To Wendy's inquiry, he replies: "An old boss of mine."

"She and some of my other friends all kind of went to various places… to help with some important thing, I guess. Gillian, you knew about," Peyton reminds Wendy, and shrugs. "What about you, Wendy? Just keeping on with the one day at a time thing?" Twelve steps program talk that they both are familiar with. "I think that's probably plenty, really. You don't want to stress yourself out with too many expectations, you know?"

"Actually, yeah. Went and got a job to boot. It's crap pay and the owner is like, sooooo gone right now and her friend is running things, but, it'll keep me busy and keep me from…" well, thinking about the itch she has fairly often but is managing to suppress. Wendy'd gotten through the worst of it post Christmas after coming home from her parents, not trusting herself to be home alone. Good thing too. "So that's where this Gillian chick is, huh. I have to use the little girls room, I'll be back okay? Saw someone else I need to say hi to as well"

Aaron looks back the way the hostess went with their drink orders. If he knew of Wendy's not trusting herself to be home alone, he'd be able to prove they have something in common beside being a friend of Peyton's. As it stands, however, he does not, and hardly considers knowing a person or being their friend to be something one has in common with another. He gives a nod to Peyton's remark about stressing out. "Yeah…."

A brow quirks as Wendy talks about a job she got. Wendy have a job and he doesn't? Man, that is so LAME. He'll have to see about fixing that, if he can ever dig himself out of the emotional train wreck he is. Another glance is spared to the way the drinks will hopefully be coming, and then Wendy is announcing her temporary absence. "Come back soon," he offers, although it comes off a little strained and not as congenial as he had been hoping for, which causes him to blush.

"A job? That's … weird," Peyton says, eloquent as always, but she gives a wave to Wendy as the other woman gets up to use the bathroom. "I should probably do that too one day… I mean, the interest on the parents' estate is enough to live off of and all, but if I made some money, then I could give more to charity and all." She really is trying to be a better person. She reaches down to scratch at the edge of her cast, wrinkling her nose. "Ugh, I hate this cast."

"Jobs are overrated," says Aaron, who is the most familiar with working amongst the three. After all, he's had well over a dozen jobs, sadly most in retail. "At least don't work retail." He turns back to where Wendy was headed and asks, "It's not retail is it?" But she's gone. He sighs, and turns back to Peyton looking defeated. Here he is, formerly responsible and deep, now irresponsible and shallow. Only he's not, not really. He just feels that way.

"I don't know what I'd do, really. I don't have any job skills to speak of," Peyton says, with a shrug of one shoulder. "Anyway. So Happy New Year!" And then their drinks come — the food will take a touch longer of course. Peyton thanks the server and picks up one of the girly martinis that Wendy ordered for them, sipping the bright pink drink as she leans back in her chair. "Thanks for coming. I know… Well. I know it's not your scene, but it's New Year's." And her birthday, but that's not that important to her. "Here's to next year being a million times better than last…" It has to be right? She reaches her glass to clink against Aaron's, once he's picked his up.

"I came because it's your birthday," Aaron says, indicating that's more important to thim than the equally superficial celebration of the coming year. He takes up the tequila sunrise first, since the colouring of grenadine at its base better matches what he assumes to be a so-called 'Cosmopolitan.' Now, as they touch glasses, seems as good a time as any. He withdraws a small flat box covered in blue felt and wrapped in a silver bow— unmistakably a jewellery box. "Happy birthday."

Wendy's threading her way back from the little ladies room, waving to people she knows, ignoring those she doesn't want to admit to knowing and otherwise beelining back to the table so that she can flop down and pick up a drink. "Happy New Year indeed and a happy birthday, may tonight set the tone for the rest of the year. Good fortune for all!" The black haired woman lets fall from her lips, partaking of the clinking glasses once Aaron's clinked and has produced that box. "Oh my god, you got her jewelry" There's a raise of brows. "Peyton, lucky girl"

Peyton's brows knit together and she gives a shake of her head. "Aaron, you didn't need to get me anything. I … you shouldn't be spending any money on me…" she says, hesitantly, though she takes the box. She holds it, not opening it immediately. She smiles up at Wendy and then at both for a moment. "Just having you both here… it's more than enough, you know?" She almost lost Wendy. Her dream makes her afraid of losing Aaron. But they're both here. Her dark eyes sparkle with tears.

The sudden return of Wendy at what Aaron thinks is the most inopportune moment possible makes him go red in the cheeks and yearn to finish with the toasting so he can drink. He can already feel a headache coming on, but the sign of tears in Peyton's eyes make him ignore it. "It's not much, but I thought it would look beautiful on you. Wasn't even looking for it, really. At least, don't cry until you've at least seen it," he says with a crooked half-smile, waiting for her to open the box to reveal the small Fleur-de-lis pendant necklace he found. It's by no means extravagant, only sterling silver, studded with cubic zirconias.

There's a slight roll of eyes at the red cheeks and the modesty from Aaron and so, Wendy looks away, letting her attention wander to elsewhere in the room and the people who flicker in and out of her own personal radar.

"I'm not crying at the present, just… you guys." Peyton chuckles and wipes her eyes on the back of one hand, then opens the box. "Ohhh, it's beautiful," she says softly. She knows, of course, that the stones are not diamond, and she's glad for it of course. But it does suit her, or so she thinks, and she smiles up at him. "Thank you, Aaron." She reaches across to hug him, then hands him the box. "Put it on me?" She turns so he can do so.

Aaron hugs Peyton with his drink in hand, having had no time to put it down. "Of course," is his unnaturally unhesitating reply, followed by a gulp of his drink. After that, he carefully removes the necklace from its case, holding it as though it were a fragile and precious object, before gently hanging it over Peyton's chest and fastening the clasp in the back. "You're welcome."

Wendy watches from the side of her vision, the ongoing affection between Peyton and Aaron while she sips away on her own drink.

Peyton touches the fleur-de-lis and smiles again. "Thanks. It's lovely. It reminds me of France," she says fondly. Soon enough the food arrives, a welcome distraction for the always-awkward trio. They snack on the food, drink the drinks, and listen to the band play as the clock ticks closer to midnight. "Almost 2010," Peyton says with a low whistle. "It sounds so … futury."

It only took the two drinks Aaron ordered to bring him long past just a pleasant buzz. Most of his night was spent being somewhat talkative, though mostly just watching Peyton, especially towards the end of the night after the two drinks were no more. It's only near midnight when his eyes leave her for a moment as he rolls them slightly. "Not really all that futury. It's just another year."

And suddenly the club, led by the band, is filled with the chanting of a countdown. "Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!" Noisemakers are sounded and confetti thrown, kisses exchanged, glasses clinked. Peyton reaches across to grab both Aaron and Wendy, hugging them at the same time, then kissing each lightly, both on the lips, then both cheeks, European style. The band begins to sing For Auld Lang Syne, and Peyton smiles. "My old acquaintances aren't as important as my new ones," she says softly. "Thanks for being my friends, you guys."

Aaron even hugs Wendy, even if it's somewhat awkward. Or maybe it isn't. He's a little too drunk to tell, really, and he can tell that he is, which is why the kiss is — well, it catches him by surprise, that's for sure. Of course, Wendy gets one too, so any immediate romantic notions slip away like grains of sand. He leans back and wraps an arm around Peyton. He is inclined to agree with her, even for his own. Even if there are fewer of them, his new connections are more meaningful than ever. And he's thankful, too. "For always."

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