It Started So Simply


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Scene Title It Started So Simply
Synopsis Some days just start out simple — some information shared, some banter to be had…
Date December 8, 2008

Elisabeth's Apartment

It started with "I have to go to dinner with a friend tonight, wanna stop by in the morning for coffee or on your lunch break for lunch?" — That was last night. In the meantime, all KINDS of things changed. When he knocks on the door at lunchtime, Elisabeth answers it in sloppy clothes — gray sweats, a black NYPD T-shirt with a gray hoodie thrown over it, her sling, and a pair of athletic socks. She looks tousled, and she looks red-eyed. She stares at him a moment and then says, "Oh… crap, is it lunchtime?" Running a hand through her hair, Liz offers a faint, half-hearted smile. "I'm sorry, Norton — come in! I have some homemade vegetable soup for you." She made it yesterday — it's one of the few things she does really well.

Trask says, "Are you ok Liz?" He looks a little worried, he has a loaf of french bread with him, as he steps inside and closes the door, he watches her carefully."

"Not really," Elisabeth answers with a forced smile. "I… heard a little bad news today. Felix Ivanov was killed." She shakes her head. "It just hit me a little harder than I might have expected. I keep thinking if I'd approached Harvard earlier, maybe I could have helped, you know? I just saw him last week." She shakes her head. "C'mon in," she says as she heads for the kitchen to put the soup on the stove to heat.

Trask says, "Felix….he came to visit me in the hospital…" Norton is rather quiet as he brings the bread in and begins cutting it."

While she moves, Liz nods slightly. She grabs two drinks from the fridge and bowls, a small plate, and utensils from the dishwasher while they do the 'share the kitchen' dance. "He's a good pers…. he *was* a good person," she says quietly. "He worked damn hard at his job and he was a good example of the kind of person most Evolved are — normal, everyday people doing their jobs and getting along in the world. And he was trying to look out for Abby - trying to keep her under the radar." She shakes her head. "I've only just been officially put on the SCOUT squad and I'm about to go and abuse my authority on that too, because *she* was attacked last night as well. She's over at St. Luke's. This is a fucking mess, Norton. What the hell is going on out there?"

Trask says, "She was attacked?" The knife thuds into the wood, missing the bread, and luckily his fingers, "Sorry….""

"Yeah," Elisabeth replies. "Her and some guy named Brian at the cathedral last night. It was on this morning's news." She looks up at him as he narrowly misses his fingers, not the least surprised. "I'm heading out to see her at the hospital after we eat, actually. I figure I'll sit with her until someone else gets there to give her a little backup." Because she's well aware that no one's going to just let Abby hang.

Trask says, "I….." He sighs softly, "Abby is someone I have known for some time. I like to keep an eye on her…..I….should have known about this before now."

Elisabeth pauses and studies him. "I'm sorry… you shouldn't have to find out about it from your rookie, hmm?" She offers him a soft smile, moving to stir the soup so that it doesn't burn as it heats up. "I'll let you know what I find out when I go over there, if you want?"

Trask says, "I didn't mean that…" He sighs softly, "I'm sorry" He walks over to you and gives you a soft hug from behind, kissing the tip of your ear. "You know I….just…." He shakes his head."

When his arms come around her waist, Elisabeth stops what she's doing and leans back into the embrace. "Don't worry about it. I just don't have anything better to do than listen to the news," she comments ruefully.

Trask says, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Liz smiles at him over her shoulder and says, "Depends. Got any jobs to keep me from pacing the floor while I wait for my training to start? Or… anything that I can actually *do* now that I've decided to actually step up?" She pauses. "Or any way to keep my mind OFF those things?" That last is somewhat suggestively toned.

Trask smiles and turns you slowly, and then he kisses you, hard and fast, with some passion. His arms moving around you tightly.

With a laugh as he turns her, Elisabeth is maybe a little startled by the enthusiasm with which he takes the bait. After all, they've been doing this sweet little careful dance around one another for weeks and shared only slightly less-than-chaste kisses perhaps twice. It's with real curiosity that she responds to him this time, throwing caution to the wind to see if there are actually sparks there to build on.

As she kisses back with enthusiasm, he does as well, adding some passion and fire to his kiss, his arms tighting some, his tongue seeks out her, baiting it, tempting it, taunting it to come out and play.

What started as a tease seems to suddenly take on a life of its own. And now that he's taking her up on it, Liz's mind spins a bit — he's always been so careful, TOO careful, of her. In truth, his very caution has made her lean toward the idea of remaining just friends — their relationship hasn't changed much since the date they went on. This? This is a whole different kind of kiss. And it's been a *long* time since she let someone close enough to make her feel the heat that he seems intent on showing her. And damn… it feels good. She opens her mouth to him, adjusting her body to fit into the curve of his, ignoring both her sling and his gun belt as she does it. Her free arm comes up around his neck, and she loses herself in the kiss for however long it goes on.

Trask leans forward in the kiss, letting it take away the world, letting the heat build, up and until the point the heat builds a little too much on Liz's back, the back being leaned over the still hot stove slightly.

Elisabeth makes a small sound, pushing back against him to bring them both more upright. "Stove!" she gasps, ripping their mouths apart as she comes back to reality. She's got her free hand tangled in the back of his collar, though, and up until that moment she had no intention of stopping wherever this might go.

Trask chuckles softly, pulling you away from it, "I'm sorry….we should prolly eat….I only have a little time…and ….some memories are more important then a lunch time quickie…" He kisses you again, tenderly, but the fire is still there held back.

Looking up at him, Elisabeth starts to laugh softly. "There are far more sides of you that you keep hidden than I realized, Norton Trask. A lunchtime quickie? Oh my…." She actually flushes a little at that idea, but …. well, damn, now that he kissed her, that idea has some merit! When he kisses her again, she nuzzles him gently and murmurs with a grin against his lips, "I like this side of you. Let's have some fun with it when we've got more time, hmm?"

Trask says, "Ok…" He smiles and kisses her nose, then nibbles slowly down her neck, before pulling back and looks at her carefully, "I…" he shakes his head, "I don't always have the best timing, do I?"

Elisabeth giggles… actually giggles!!… "Not always, but lemme tell you what, mister…. I really like that you're not treating me like fragile glass anymore."

Trask says, "Well….I…." He looks away, "I was afraid of losing you…but I realzied that if I didn't take a chance I was going to anyway."

Elisabeth moves her hand from around his neck to his cheek. "I told you, you're not going to lose me. Even if this doesn't work out." She shrugs a little and admits, "Honestly, up until just this moment, Norton… I was starting to think that we'd be better off as friends. Not because I don't love you — I do. You're my best friend. But because it wasn't…. something was missing." She smiles a little. "You've given me a good reason to not give up on it just yet, though."

Trask smiles softly, and leans into the hand, "I know I wasn't goign to lose you…but " He shakes his head, "So…soup….bread…and some cuddling on the couch?"

Elisabeth smirks. "I'd rather have that afternoon quickie, cuz now you've got me all hot and bothered. But yeah… soup, bread, some cuddling on the couch til you gotta run off on me." She stands on her toes to kiss him quickly, and then turns around to pull the not-quite-boiling soup off the heat.

Trask says, "Hey you said to give you something to think about when you were bored….otherwise what would you have to look forward to."

Elisabeth glances at him over her shoulder and rolls her eyes. "Actually, I asked if you had anything to keep my mind off it… I suppose making me horny is one way to do it. SATISFYING the horniness is a better one, but I'll take what I can get. It's the first time in… well, a long time… that it's even been an issue. I'll enjoy the anticipation."

Trask says, "Hey your the one who had me in your ed the other night and didn't make a move on me."

Elisabeth smirks and turns her back on him to pour soup into bowls carefully. "Yes, well… *you* didn't make one on me, either," she says with a grin. "Besides, I was all about the screaming the other night. Maybe you're good for me in more ways than one, Norton," she says with a teasing leer.

Trask grins, "Oh are you a screamer?" He leans in to kiss your ear, "If so we will find out soon…..don't bother replacing the glass" the last is whispered, and he actually gooses her. Then heads to the couch with the bread and drinks.

Elisabeth laughs at him, jumping at the goose. "Guess you'll find out, hmm? Not like the glass'll matter with you around negating any trouble," she says as she puts the bowls on a tray. "If you'll grab this, I've got the napkins and stuff, and we're good to go." She can't carry the tray easily with her arm still slinged.

Trask grins and comes back to collect the tray of soup bringing it to the coffee table. "I guess that makes us the perfect couple?"

Elisabeth shakes her head at him, her smile easy. "Guess we'll see about that too, right?" In spite of his declarations — and even her own of a few minutes ago! — she's not moving at high speed on this, letting things just happen as they do. He's known her long enough to know that she won't toy with him in any way, but she hasn't committed to anyone long-term in years. Not since the asshole who cheated on her way before the bomb, after 9/11.

Trask smiles and takes a seat, patting the spot next to him. "Abby doen't know me…just a word of warning."

Elisabeth moves to sit next to him and looks confused…. and then it clears slightly. "She knows Sergei," she concludes. "All right. I'll keep it quiet." She pauses and her eyes go wide. "Oh hell… I commented that my friend, the guy I'd been sitting with, had gone to check up on her following the night I first met her….. she seemed to know you as Trask. I think she gave me your name! Did you go as Norton or Sergei!?"

Trask says, "I went as Sergei…She had no idea what my real name was. Except that time in the diner, she never met…me. She did see me one other time and thank me for the tip. But she had no idea the two people were the same" He smiles and shakes his head. "She's a good kid….I just….maybe I don't trust enough people.""

Elisabeth nods slowly. "Well, she told me 'the guy I was with' checked up on her too. I assume it was you, but maybe she's talking about hte tip."

Trask says, "She's had a bad few weeks and her power…really does a number on her, so maybe she was confused?"

Elisabeth shrugs and says, "Maybe, I dont know." She smiles a bit. "Or maybe she knows more than you think. Either way, I think your secret is safe with her." She settles in to sit on the floor between the couch and the coffee table to eat her hot soup carefully. "So…. I think I told you when you came in, I got my acceptance to SCOUT last night. That's why Will invited me to dinner."

Trask says, "Congratulations. Should we be celebrating?" He leans down and tussles your hair."

Elisabeth rolls her eyes. "On some levels, I'm thrilled. On others… well, it worries me. Finished the registration process before I approached him, so I had to go TELL him last night that I was Evolved." She rolls her eyes. "His congratulations were so horribly elitist, about how Non-Evolved had their place on his team but his tone was all how I wasn't 'one of them', that all I could think was 'Prick. Wait til I explode your eardrums one time.'" She sighs. "I don't think he meant it like that, but…. I'm worried about what it'll all mean when I hit the squad too."

Trask says, "Your afriad they will all be Eolved Elitests who think they are the super race?"

Elisabeth looks up and says, "Well, when I told him I *am* Evolved, he sure changed his tune." She grimaces. "And they goddamn well better not be, or I *will* be busting some heads. And eardrums. And anything else I can think of."

Trask smiles, "Don't go flying off the handle…we don't need an investigation.

Elisabeth smiles. "Have you ever known me to fly off the handle?" Her tongue's firmly lodged in her cheek.

Trask says, "Once or twice…why I remember one time, when you practically sat on a burning stove….""

Elisabeth smirks. "That's not flying off the handle. That's me deciding to throw all caution to the wind and see if you and I have a chance to work out. Cuz sex isn't the be-all end-all, but it sure helps to actually make it go."

Trask says, "Well then hopefully we can make it go…." He smiles and winks and eats his soup."

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