It Was... Complicated


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Scene Title It Was… Complicated
Synopsis After a day at the shooting range, Elisabeth and Katherine talk over darts.
Date June 23, 2010

Textile Factory 17: Recreation Area

The firing range got a good workout this afternoon — Elisabeth dragged Kat down there in her brand spanking new black fatigues and put her through all the paces. Of the operatives currently assigned to the teams, Liz and Kat are the only two non-military personnel, and Liz refuses to allow Kat to make them look bad. Or so she told the other woman when she dragged her in there. They went through close to 300 rounds of ammo this afternoon. Kat's forearms are going to hurt like mad tomorrow. But by the end of it, Liz was figuring a passable marksman could be made of the woman.

Elisabeth split off to go grab a shower in the barracks and now she's stepping into the rec area wearing a denim skirt and a dark red tanktop, a pair of strappy sandals giving her a couple inches in height. Her blonde hair is loose, and she looks both casual and comfortable. She drops a duffel onto one of the couches and checks the watch on her wrist, then heads toward the dartboard, waiting for Katherine to put in an appearance.

If there's one thing that Katherine will appreciate about this job is that everyone wears pretty much the same thing. It'll appeal to her new aquired desire for things to be uniform. Other than that brief moment during the blizzard, Katherine Marks has not handled a weapon in a very long time. Her aim is off to start, but soon it all starts coming back to her and she's able to group and zero her weapon. After that, it was just a matter of killing that damn target. About three quarters of the way through, however, fatigue was setting in on the former agent and her layoff becomes more apparent, which causes Kat some frustration.

After her shower, she pulls on some jeans, sneakers and a green t-shirt with a grey hoodie and she meets up with Liz in the rec room, dragging along her own duffel bag. If anything good can be said about Kat Marks, it's that she's punctual.

She doesn't turn her eyes from the darts at first — Elisabeth simply finishes the round and moves to retrieve her darts. Blue eyes then seek out Kat and she tilts her head. "Good job," she offers mildly. "At least now I know you won't shoot me in the back of the head by accident." It'll be on purpose, she's sure, at some point. Heh.

No. Not by accident. Of course, whatever animosity that Katherine might have had with Elisabeth was deleted from her brain by either being shot or whatever they did while she was at Pinehearst. Neither of which she talks about.

"Thanks," comes the reponse. "Going to be sore for a couple of days, but I'll get it eventually. My aim is good, but my form is shit. What do we have going on today?" Work. Work. Work. Katherine doesn't seem to be very content if she's not doing something.

"Not sure about you, but I've got about six reports that I have to finish," Elisabeth replies drily — because yes, in a lot of ways, it's just like being a cop — "And then I thought I might catch dinner out." She pauses and slants a glance toward Kat. "Do you have to head for Annapolis for training hell soon?" She knows the other woman has to do that, but she's not sure when it is.

Kat has heard the rumors of this Training Hell that been addressed, but she hasn't been told when. "No. Unsure at this point when that'll be. Hopefully soon enough. I hate waiting." Not that she's in shape yet for something like that, but she's working on it. She's been running and lifting. Now that Kat really has a direction for her life, she's committing totally to it, same as she did for the Company, as Liz would know more than she would at this point. "If you don't mind a tagalong, I wouldn't mind having dinner, but I don't want to intrude or anything. I can just eat at the mess hall."

"Well, they've got a jet on standby so even when you go down there, you'll almost not realize you're supposed to be there — I think I was back here as often as I was there. It was sort of like commuting," Elisabeth shrugs. And though she pauses at the comment about dinner, she smiles a bit. "No… I don't mind company. I was hoping to meet up with someone a bit later, but I don't know if he'll be around or not. Got a preference for food styles?"

There's a shrug and a shake of her head. Her hair barely touches her shoulders anymore since she got it cut and so when she shakes her head, the locks swish back and forth a little. "It doesn't really matter to me. Wherever you typically go is fine." Kat's thinking over this jet thing and flying back and forth everyday. "How hard was the training?" She's asked a couple of folks this question already, but have gotten varying answers, so she still has no idea what to expect.

Elisabeth considers and says, "Not as hard as I was expecting, but it still kicked my ass." She grins at Kat and starts to throw darts again. "The hardest part was living in the body armor to get used to it."

If there's one flaw in this entire plan, this would be it. She has heard stories of the body armor, though she hasn't actually seen it yet, and there's a fear that perhaps she'll not 'adapt' well to it. With her ability, there's no telling what it is that she could do to this armor if she starts to panic.

Katherine Marks does not like to be in tight spaces.

She tries her best not to worry about it, but until she actually sees it and tries it on, that claustrophia will remain in tact.

"I guess we'll have to see how it goes." Kat steps over and picks up some darts and waits for you to finish your throw.

It's one thing Elisabeth never knew about the woman. Among many. She glances at Kat and says, "It's kind of strange, but not so bad. Honestly the only part I hate is the damn helmet. It's fully loaded with digital images and shit like that, but …. I don't think I realized how much I'd integrated my ability into my everyday life until I had to rely on the helmet's inputs. My…. I don't know what to call it…. my innate sense of the world? It kind of relies on the acoustics now, and the helmet makes me feel muffled. I can still manipulate sound, but I can't *hear* things correctly." She throws her darts and steps to the side to let Kat have her throw.

The dart is brought up to nose level and she gives the toss. The throw is about as good as her firing as she hits one of the outer rings and wrinkles her nose. "Not much I can do but try it out. Hope they know what they're doing putting me in something like that when I could damage it with barely a thought." And it may be something that Liz never finds out about her because Kat certainly isn't bringing it up now. The fact is, depending on how much of the body this suit covers, Katherine's ability could be nulled by it if she can't touch objects with at least her fingers. The second throw is better, shifting more towards the center, though still only about halfway. The final throw hits just under that last ring that surrounds the bullseye. "I guess I need more practice at this too." She walks down and retrieves all the darts, handing Liz' back to her.

Reaching to take the projectiles, Elisabeth grins slightly. "It's like everything in life, lady." She snickers. "Try not to damage it outright. It's apparently several billion dollars worth of equipment. Kershner might eat you alive if you turn it into tissue paper or something." She shrugs. "I get yelled at constantly because I keep ditching the helmet. I imagine you'll get yelled at for ditching the gloves or something," she admits, knowing that Kat needs to touch things to turn them. "Or maybe not. Hands aren't exactly the kind of target heads are."

"Yelling's not so bad." There's a grin that crosses the woman's face as she turns towards the target and throws all three, one right after the other hitting various locations, but not the bullseye. "I figure I can take a little yelling if I accidently 'forget' to leave my gloves at home."

There's a smirk and Liz retorts, "That's basically my attitude when I yank the damn helmet off to do my job, too." She gives a wicked grin that Kat's seen before - all attitude. She waits for Kat's throw to be done and then steps up to fire off her own missiles. She clips the edge of the bullseye with one, but the other two are well away. "Unfortunately, it's a balance with some kinds of abilities. I'm grateful for the protection the helmet offers — I watched it stop a bullet aimed at one of the officer's face. But sometimes it's just too limiting." She shrugs easily.

Lifting her arms to cross over her chest as she looks at the accupunctured target, she turns her head towards Elisabeth, "There's still a part of me that hopes that one day, I'll remember things. I mean, it's not missing because there are times when I have a sense of.. deja vu or something. I've done this or said that." She leans against the back of a chair and continues. "Like, I know Veronica, but I don't remember anything we ever did together. And I know you, but no details to support that fact." She unfolds her arms and points to her own head. "You have our history in your brain, while I have.. nothing, really. Just a rememberance of who you were." This may be the very first time she's admitted any of this to anyone. "I think they were close to fixing me, but then I was sent away."

Elisabeth studies her and says quietly, "I don't know if I wish you could remember." She smiles faintly. "It might be infinitely easier for us to work together if you get to form all new impressions of me without the facade. No one knew what I was into before — no one knew the things I knew about what was going on. You knew…. other things. I think if we'd ever been able to actually compare notes, we might have been able to figure things out better." She shrugs. "It was a complicated relationship."

Katherine grins and nods. "Well, perhaps this time, we can make it a little less complicated." She stands back up, letting her arms fall and she walks over and picks up her duffle bag, "You know, while I appreciate the invite, I think I am just going to go up and crawl into bed. Maybe do a little reading. Mind if I take a raincheck on that dinner? Maybe you can catch up with your friend."

Elisabeth shrugs easily and smiles faintly. "He lives in my apartment. I can find him when I need to," she admits softly. Kat's the first person she's really said that aloud to. "But a rain check is fine." Her blue eyes follow Katherine as she walks, and Liz smiles. "I'm doubting it'll be less complicated, but at least this time we both know we're on the same side." She hopes. "Sleep well, Kat."

Turning to head out of the room, she pauses at the doorway and turns back. "I don't know if I ever said it to you before, you know when we knew each other back then but.." This would be that awkward pausing spot before she finally finishes it,, "Thanks for your insight to this place. Night." With that, she spins back around and is gone.

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