It Was Just A Supply Run


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Scene Title It Was Just A Supply Run
Synopsis Fedor brings Megan news she never expected to hear.
Date Jun 27, 2009

Staten Island, Camp Miller Airfield

It's been a long day — Though she took a full soup run out in the vans this morning, Megan opted to go ahead and open the clinic herself (instead of letting the flight nurses run it for the four hours it's usually open), and instead of running it four hours, she kept it open after hours. Maybe it's just a way for the redhead to remain on hand for in case the supply plane comes back in. She was supposed to be taking today off so as to move a certain pilot into her apartment, but since his supply run ran long, she's not excessively concerned about getting home. It's dusk when she finally sends the other two nurses home and closes down the clinic, but Megan herself is still in the hangar checking inventory and verifying what she's still got for supplies. The place echoes oddly in the dark, as all hangars are wont to do in the middle of the night for some reason.

"Megan, we should talk."Kobrin emerges from the shadows opposite the relief camp, wearing those beat up green uniform overalls of his. The glare of a sodium light catches him as he watches Megan, the harsh illumination whiting out his glasses. "I have word about August, come on. Lets go for a walk."

Glancing up, Meg shoves her braid over the far shoulder and finishes tying up the garbage bag of medical waste with her hands still encased in latex gloves. Initially she figures he's coming to talk about the clinic or something, but his words have that ring of 'not good news' as he says the last and she straightens slowly. Her heart drops into her stomach, but her jaw tightens and she finishes the knot before she moves to peel her gloves off. She puts them into the new garbage bag in the bin and walks slowly in his direction. "All right," she says quietly. 'Not good news' could be almost anything, right? Plane trouble. Maybe he had to crash-land. Trouble on the run? In truth, she was grateful when he took the supply run. How bad can it be? But … something tells her she's not going to like what Kobrin has to say as she shoves her hands into her pockets and walks with him.

The silence which follows is downright pregnant, like a brooding storm. "It is with great sorrow, and profound regret."Fedor stops, speaking first and walking a second after. "August is dead."is there any other way to put it. Is there some other instrument he can use to paint the picture but produce less regret? "I'm afraid, Auggie was taken out of the sky. Its not clear what happened afterward, but he's dead. I'm sorry Meg, there was nothing I could do. He was a fine man, and an excellent pilot who deserved far more than he received."

It's like being hit in the stomach — even with the tingling warning of instincts, there's no cushioning the blow …. her heart's in her toes as soon as he opens his mouth. Megan stops walking when he does, but her eyes look out over the airfield instead of at the man speaking. She can't breathe for a long minute. Her hands come out of her pockets and her arms fold around herself. "It was just a supply run," she finally says quietly, her tone … somewhat puzzled in the way that comes with shock. Because…. this isn't supposed to be happening. They're not in the Middle East. They're in a kind of war zone here on Staten Island, but … this wasn't supposed to happen, and she can't quite wrap her head around it. "What happened out there, Kobrin?" she asks as she looks at him, her gaze seeking out his face in spite of the shades that always hide his eyes and demanding answers to questions that right now she doesn't even have words to articulate.

"I dont know yet, he wasnt even flying when it happened. "Fedor's tone is grim, and quiet. "He was a very good man, and I am privelaged to have known him."Fedor draws nearer, shuffling a touch as he goes. "Is there anything I can do for you, Megan?"

Megan doesn't look away from him, her jaw clenching tight against whatever other railing she may wish to do. "You can find out what the fuck happened out there. I want an explanation," she says tersely. The shaking is starting; she can feel the fine tremors beginning to shudder through her muscles. "I'm going home," she says quietly. "If you could shut down the clinic, I'll…. " No… not here, not now, dammit. "I'll be back in a couple of days," she says, her voice strained.

"The report is in your email inbox right now, you'll be shown full access to the reports as they form."Fedor doesnt move though, he just stands stock still. "Take as long as you need Megan, days, weeks or months. You have my deepest sympathies."

Megan shakes her head vehemently, her lips pressed firmly together. "Don't," she asks… no, nearly begs, softly. His sympathy will absolutely be her undoing if she lets it. "Blaming this on you would be very easy right now, and I'd rather not say something I'll regret." She brings her hands up to scrub at her face with trembling fingers. "I'd appreciate… if you could arrange transport. I, uhm… I need to get my things." And she pivots on a heel to head toward the locker room that was set aside for what few female employees are working out here right now.

"It was a government operation."Fedor offers, and then just lets that hang in the air. "dont ask, read the reports with that in mind. If the gears mesh, come talk to me. I left a pilot in a A-109, I told him to take you anywhere you wanted to go."

Megan merely lifts her hand without turning back around, offering a silent thumbs-up on the information that the pilot will take her where she wants to go — she just wants to go home. Not really. What she really wants is to pretend today didn't happen. That this is all a nightmare. No such luck, however. She doesn't say another word to anyone before she climbs in and tells the man to take her back to Manhattan.

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