It Wasn't For Nothing


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Scene Title It Wasn't For Nothing
Synopsis An injured reporter wakes up in a hospital.
Date September 12, 2008

St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital is known for its high-quality care and its contributions to medical research. Its staff place an emphasis on compassion for and sensitivity to the needs of their patients and the communities they serve. In addition to nearby Columbia University, the hospital collaborates with several community groups, churches, and programs at local high schools. The associated Roosevelt Hospital offers a special wing of rooms and suites with more amenities than the standard hospital environment; they wouldn't seem out of place in a top-rated hotel. That said, a hospital is a hospital — every corridor and room still smells faintly of antiseptic.

She's seated in a chair, keeping watch over the sleeping Danielle, some time after they brought her in and got her admitted. Cat had provided info on the patient's name and address, also where to obtain medical records, all the needed stuff for admission and treatment. At one point she even announced herself as Miss Hamilton's attorney. Not technically true, but a thing she believes can easily be addressed with the injured one later.

In the time since being allowed to enter the room and sit, Cat's also been busy. First chance she got, the chart was read. Then she occupied herself with reading a medical textbook.

Dani finally stirs. She's not in the best of shape. 2 fractured ribs from the seatbelt. LOTS of bruising. Grade 3 concussion. Various contusions and abrasions. But she's in the best of places so far. She opens her eyes and looks about, trying to get a feel for her surroundings.

Turn a page. Read. Turn a page. Read again. It's a recurring thing. Cat's about a third of the way through the tome in hand. Her features show a modicum of concentration. Near her left hand is a cup of coffee from the hospital cafeteria, the backpack at her feet, and she's in the same clothes as wore used the night before onstage. She doesn't seem to have slept at all.

Dani looks over to Cat. "Hey, Cat." Her voice is kind of mumbly. The whole right side of her face, and especially her lips, have swollen up something fierce.

"Easy…" Peter voice is hushed, coming from somewhere beside Dani's bed, even though he couldn't be seen there. "Don't try too hard to talk, you'll open your lip up again. Relax…" There is a nurturing, gentle tone to his voice, and Dani's hair is brushed back and away from her face by an unseen hand. Soft footsteps sound out around the bed, then over to the chair Cat is seated in.

The voice draws attention away from the book. Cat's eyes lift, a quiet smile forms, and she stands. Two steps later she's at the bedside, fingers moving to lace with Dani's closest hand. "Don't try to move, just rest, Dani." Her face and eyes show she's been concerned, they reveal relief to see her awake again.

Dani looks over, confused at the unseen voice. Her brain isn't -quite- running smoothly yet. "Where'm I?" And then it dawns on her, the thing that had been her biggest concern. "My purse…you have it?"

The cushions of the chair crease back down with a weight put upon them as Peter steals Cat's seat once she leaves it. He lets out a tired sigh, having not slept himself. "It's back at the apartment," Peter's voice raises just a bit, to be heard from the chair, "I didn't think to bring it." There's a prolonged delay as the chair creaks, his weight shifting on it, "I'm going to have to leave soon," There's a great deal of reluctance in that statement.

"The recording is safe, and you're safe," Cat quietly assures, her fingers keeping that gentle hold on the injured woman's. "You're at St. Luke's Hospital, resting and recovering. So just rest and don't worry about anything. You're in good hands, Dani," she states in a soft voice she intends to be soothing. Comforting. She relaxes at the words from Cat. "Almost killed me, Cat. I got it, though." A soft smile as she looks to her roommate. "It wasn't for nothing."

The chair creaks gently, Peter rises up from it, evident by the cushion expanding again. He walks over to where Cat leans by the bed, whispering to her, "If they find out she has this tape, they're going to try and silence her." Peter doesn't elaborate more, his footsteps circle a bit around the bed. He didn't use his telepathy, perhaps unable to while hiding himself. "Rest up, Dani, I've got to go check on some people… I'll try to come back and see how you're both doing." He hesitates, then, "You need anything… before I go?"

The man gets a slow nod of understanding to what he tells her. "I thought of that. Might hire some private security to keep watch on her for a while. See you, or hear you, rather, when you get back, Rock." Then her attention returns to Dani. "We've plenty of time to talk about what you found when you're better. Just rest, now." And another comment toward the scarred, unseen man. "I'd like to have that recording with me physically."

Dani looks back at Cat. "I'll be okay." She says, trying to reassure the other woman. "Thank…for being there. I don't know what I'd do without you." Raises her voice a little. "Either of you."

"I'll drop it off in your car," Peter says quietly, "It'll be under the driver's seat. I'll do that on my way out." Peter remains silent for a few moments, "Better to have it at hand, than right on you. Depending on who shows up first… Remember, he owns some of the police too." Hearing Dani's comment, Peter grows silent, sounds of his footsteps moving over to the door to the room, "Don't worry about it," He dismisses the comment casually, "Get some rest, I'll be back when I can." The door opens out to the hall, then closes. The sound of footsteps fade away into the hospital, leaving the two women alone.

"Thank you," she replies to the man who departs. And Cat's focus once again goes to the patient. Nothing is said, she just provides a presence and comfort by being here.

Dani smiles at Cat. "The funny thing? I wouldn't have anything…if I hadn't gotten lucky. I hadn't heard anything yet. And then someone went after him." She looks to Cat. "Sorry to drag you into all this."

"There's nothing to be sorry for, Dani," Cat soothingly assures. "Don't think like that." One hand touches the injured woman's hair gently, her other hand remaining interlaced with Dani's at the fingers. "Just rest, and recover." A soft kiss is placed to her forehead.

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