Odette's Stuffed Animals

A myriad of stuffed animals owned by Odette. Many of which were gifted by Eileen, her Daddy and the other Horseman or those with them.


She often uses the stuffed animals as a surrogate to speak through, and she usually has one around her at most times.

Odette's Stuffed Animals

Currently in the keeping of:

Icon Full Name Personality Language: Meaning
usagi_icon.gif Usagi-Hime Sass Master Japanese: Princess Rabbit
tortuga_icon.gif Senor Tortuga Spy Master Spanish: Mister Tortoise
ecureuil_icon.gif Écuyer Écureuil Brave Knight French: Squire Squirrel
coruja_icon.gif Capataz Coruja Building Foreman Portuguese: Foreman Owl
myvel_icon.gif Magistra Mýval Chore Overseer Czech: Mistress Raccoon
schwein_icon.gif Dr. Schwein SCIENCE (not that kind of doctor) German: Doctor Pig
vos_icon.gif Hertog Vos Foulmouthed Thief Dutch: Duke Fox
lev_icon.gif Plukovník Lev Commander of the Guard Slovak: Colonel Lion
kirpi_icon.gif Kirpi Kadınefendi Shy Master Ottoman Turkish: Queen Consort Hedgehog
superpup_icon.gif Superpup Super Hero English: Superpup

Others include (images pending):

  • Super M - A Stuffed Monkey in a Super Hero Costume. English.
  • Signora and Signore Pecora - A white and brown wooly sheep couple WHO ARE MARRIED AND IN LOVE. Italian. Misses and Mister Sheep.
  • 老鼠 小姐 (laoshu xiaojie) - a stuffed white mouse, very quiet and sweet. Mandarin Chinese. Miss Mouse.
  • Capitaine Perroquet - A stuffed Parrot. Who is also a pirate. A french pirate. And captain. Because of course he is. Arr. French. Captain Parrot.
  • Mister Bear - A raggedy stuffed teddy bear given to her by Kara.

Not an Animal:


  • Margell Fantast
  • Gift from Marlene
  • "She wants to be a ballerina someday and dance Swan Lake. The main character is the Swan Queen. Her name is Odette. Just. like. you! But she has a double named Odile, who seems to want to take all her dreams of true love away from her. Odile, however, is the victim of circumstance. The wizard created Odile, and he could just as easily make her disappear again. So Odile does what she's told, and she goes out there and she takes the things Odette wants most, because she looks like her and no one knows the difference. They aren't doing it because they don't love Odette, they just don't know they're being lied to. And Odile isn't doing it to destroy Odette's life. She just wants to live her own. Odile isn't proud of the things she's done, do you understand? So. When you go forward with Margell Fantast here — our fantastic girl who believes in herself and her dreams — you can talk to her when you aren't sure if you've made the wrong choices on the path of your life. Sometimes you have to do things you don't like in order to keep moving forward. Margell understands and she'll love and support you no matter what, okay? She wants you to remember that most monsters didn't start that way. Sometimes, they started out as little girls who just wanted to dance."
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