1961 Dodge Pickup

With a combination sky blue paint and red rust, this heap isn't any good for attracting mates. However, it's also unattractive to thieves and, despite being nearly 50 years old, is extremely reliable due to its simple mechanical systems.


"Acquired" from a garage that may or may not have belonged to the Remnant, this pickup truck has since become the Remnant's regular transportation, serving when something more exotic is not necessary (which is almost always). Since its commissioning, it has not only served as transportation around Staten Island, but also carried Gabriel and Raith south on a mission to see the former's supposed father, and even flew to the rescue of the Ferrymen when an attempted theft turned against them.

This pickup truck was last seen when Barbara helped evacuate Ferrymen survivors from Pollepel Island at the conclusion of the government siege in 2011.

1961 Dodge Pickup

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