1967 Jaguar Mark II

This vehicle has seen better days, the bumpers rusted and the hood showing signs of a badly needed replacement before holes start appearing. But despite all of that, it's still a Jaguar, painted a dark grey with its namesake lunging from the hood at the prey in front of it: the open road. A little work will restore it to its former glory.


Acquired through extralegal means by Jensen Raith, with more than a little help from Eileen Spurling and Teodoro Laudani, this Jaguar Mk. II started life as a British import, specially modified for American roads (meaning the steering column is on the left side of the vehicle). It enjoyed a long life before being retired to Staten Island, ready to be sold even after the Midtown Man may have made that event unlikely.

In a not terribly ironic twist, it was the advertisement in the newspaper that led the thieves right to it. It has since been given to Gabriel Gray as a birthday gift, for him to do with as he pleases. Raith certainly hopes he'll be pleased to restore it, because it's a fucking Jag.

1967 Jaguar Mark II

Currently in the keeping of:
Gabriel Gray

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