1978 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

The 1978 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is a single cylinder, 4 stroke 499cc engine motorcycle. The Royal Enfield has an 8 gallon tank and averages 80 mph giving it a 640 mile operating range when on a full tank of gas. Additionally, the Enfield has a top speed of 88 miles per hour.


The 1978 Royal Enfield Bullet replaces Colette Demsky's long-lost 1971 DKW dirt bike. She performs her own maintenance on the motorcycle and is extremely protective of it. It was salvaged by Colette in Utah during the Second American Civil War after she was stranded there following the EMP. The Enfield's old engine design and lack of any modern electronics allowed it to survive the EMP and became her constant companion as she led her surviving allies east to Colorado where she spent the remainder of the war. Colette would take the Enfield with her to Canada after the war's end, and it would stay there through early 2017 until it was retrieved and brought back to the United States. It now resides at her Safe Zone home in Williamsburg and is her primary means of conveyance across New York.

1978 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Currently in the keeping of:
Colette Demsky

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