9th Wonders Comics

9th Wonders refers to two individual comic book series published initially by Helix Comics and later by Uncle Burk's Fine Comics. The comic books each run between 18-30 pages long and were quarterly publications featuring an ensemble cast of characters. The initial run of 9th Wonders under the Helix Comics brand went from July 1971 to May 1988 and concluded following the financial difficulties of the Helix Comics brand and departure of founder Carlos Mendez.

Helix Comics published 68 issues of the original 9th Wonders. Most of which are very rare collectors items, having been long-since out of print and only saw limited distribution.

In 2002 the 9th Wonders properties were re-started by Isaac Mendez, son of Helix Comics founder Carlos Mendez despite instance from his father against such decisions. 9th Wonders began a new run with a new cast of characters set in more contemporary time. The comic series was self-published by Mendez under the Uncle Burk's Fine Comics logo.

Uncle Burk's Fine Comics published 30 issues of 9th Wonders up to the tragic death of its writer and artist Isaac Mendez in the Midtown nuclear explosion.


The latter works of Isaac Mendez in 9th Wonders were extensions of his Evolved-human gift of precognition. While most people are unaware of the precognitive nature of Isaac's comics and his paintings, some knowledgeable collectors have gone out of their way to collect issues of the series.

The earlier issues of 9th Wonders focused on the exploits of a film-noir style detective named Harvard Morris who secretly investigated paranormal cases in 1930's New York City. This unique series combined elements of film-noir pulp comics and the superhero genre. It is not known if these comics were precognitive in any way, but due to their writing in the 1970s and 1980s and focus on events in the 1930s it is unlikely.

9th Wonders Comics

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