Adynomine (Ability Negating Neurotoxin)

Adynomine is the pharmaceutical term for a neurotoxin capable of negating the human brain's ability to manifest and control SLC-Expressive superhuman abilities. It is the result of years of research and development by both the Company and later the Institute. Adynomine has existed in three forms, each substantially more refined than the next. The second version was FDA-approved in 2010, but mass production and market availability of all versions ceased in 2015 after carcinogenic side effects were made public. All versions were delivered by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

An alternate negation drug, zodytrin, was approved by the FDA in mid-2017.

Adynomine I (Limited)

Adynomine I was created in late 2007 from the synthesis of chemicals utilized in an oral application of a select group of neurological inhibitors which eventually was further developed into the drug adynotyline, which was mass-marketed from late 2010 through 2011. Adynomine I had a slow onset time of roughly 3 to 4 minutes and only lasted roughly a half an hour.

Adynomine I is the only version for which a synthesis method is known. Small quantities may be purchased through reagent suppliers for use in scientific and medical research.

Adynomine II (Unavailable)

Adynomine II was developed in early 2009 by researchers at the Company and liberally utilized in the Moab Federal Penitentiary, and improved upon the original formulation by having a 24-hour duration of effect; however, some of its components were unstable, and the drug could not be stored in ready-to-use form. Instead, archaic, multi-needle pneumatic injection devices that mixed the drug on delivery were used. This application method left a distinctive pock-marked scar at the injection site under the chin, a defining trait of former Moab inmates.

Adynomine II was also designed to have a critical flaw, in that if applied to an SLC-Expressive human with accelerated regeneration, the drug would not take full effect, and would be more rapidly metabolized. This flaw was engineered and used by elements of Pinehearst to undermine the security of the Moab Federal Penitentiary.

Adynomine III (Unavailable)

In late 2009, the Commonwealth Institute developed adynomine III, which featured an onset of less than one minute and a 36-hour duration of effect. It also had fewer side effects than prior iterations, and was in regular use by all government installations that detain Evolved. However, the neurotoxin in this version was primarily harvested from Carol Praeger when she was in the custody of the Institute. Adynomine III became unavailable at the end of 2011 after her liberation and the fall of the Institute.


Small quantities of adynomine I are available through research supply companies to established researchers at reputable institutions. Government institutions can also obtain adynomine readily.

Adynomine (Ability Negating Neurotoxin)

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