AEGIS Armor (RT-A02)

The RT-A02 body armor system, also known as AEGIS, is the spiritual successor of the Horizon Armor combat system and is designed by Raytech Industries. This lightweight body armor weighs only 15 lbs and features magnetorheological (MR) fluid filled Kevlar plates. The MR fluid is comprised of metallic particles suspended in oil. The tiny particles, measuring between 3 and 10 microns, have a powerful effect on the fluid's consistency. When exposed to a magnetic field, such as that generated by the armor's battery pack, the particles line up and thicken the fluid dramatically. This in turn creates a redistribution of kinetic force across the armor. The hardening process takes around twenty thousandths of a second in response to exterior kinetic force. The RT-A02 has an idle battery pack life of 48 hours. This battery life dramatically decreases as the armor takes damage and protects its wearer from harm. The RT-A02's battery back can be recharged from any conventional outlet in 8 to 9 hours.

The RT-A02 AEGIS is capable of sustaining twelve direct hits from small arms fire with zero internal injury to its wearer before battery depletion. This is reduced to 6 direct hits from medium-caliber rifle rounds or automatic fire, and anywhere from 3 to 1 direct hits from a high-caliber firearm. The armor's stopping power, while great, is not absolute and specially-designed rounds intended to penetrate vehicle armor or other heavier defenses will still tear through the AEGIS' defenses. The carbon nano-fiber Kevlar weave is slash-resistant, granting its wearer moderate protection from knife attacks and other edged weapons without battery drain.

Significant kinetic impact, such as high falls or vehicle impacts, can immediately drain the battery systems. Powerful magnetic fields can cause the fluid armor to remain rigid, though the newer design does not restrict mobility. However, controlled electrical impulses or magnetokinetic powers could shut the AEGIS armor system down entirely or cause its battery pack to explode.


This body armor is widely available to any and all security professionals and is considered to be the leading standard in self defense for those who can afford its steep price tag. This bleeding-edge technology is a high-selling law-enforcement grade armor. It is normally only accessible to law enforcement and major security companies or military officials and military contractors. Other interested characters must acquire this weapon from in-scene smugglers, black-market dealers, or the like. Black market characters must file a +request to gain access to this item.

AEGIS Armor (RT-A02)

Currently in the keeping of:
Law-Enforcement, Private Security, Military

Faction Access
Raytech SESA NYPD d'Sarthe Wolfhound Yamagato OEI Deveaux
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