ANCILIA Armor System

The ANCILIA Armor System is a full suite suit of powered armor created by the Pinehearst Corporation and modeled on the original HORIZON designs once used by FRONTLINE. Unlike the HORIZON system, ANCILIA does not have bulky external hydraulics, but lacks the tremendous augmented strength of that model of armor. Instead, ANCILIA grants its wearer a heightened weight distribution system, focusing on strengthening joints and spine to allow the wearers to carry heavier loads over longer distances. When in proper working condition the ANCILIA Armor System has a suite of advanced computerized enhancements, some of which are damaged and no longer functioning in the extant models. Full details on the armor system is noted below.


The ANCILIA Armor System does not originate from this timeline. It was devised by Warren Ray in a parallel timeline and transferred over to this timeline on its current owners. It is bleeding edge technology barely able to be replicated by modern-day technology.

ANCILIA Armor System

Currently in the keeping of:
The Horsemen (Danko, Eileen, Iago, and Lang)



The ANCILIA helmet system is a nanomaterial reinforced titanium alloy with a carbon fiber internal weave.

  • ASCLEPIUS Toxin Filtration System: When sealed, the ANCILIA's helmet can filter out airborne particles like smoke, tear gas, and other inhaled toxins. The filters are self-cleaning and have an estimated operational life of seven years.
  • HERMES Quantum Communicator: The most cutting edge technology in the ANCILIA Armor System is the HERMES Quantum Communicator. Designed from the same technology that the Looking Glass is built upon, HERMES allows for instantaneous point-to-point with the other ANCILIA helmets, allowing for instantaneous communication over any distance and across parallel timelines. This communicator works on the principle of quantum communication and was intended to be able to communicate back to Pinehearst's operation command. With Pinehearst and Looking Glass destroyed, the suits can now only communicate with one-another. Modern technology is not capable of intercepting communication between these helmet systems, nor has the technology been invented in the Prime timeline.
  • TIRESIAS Vision System: These helmets are capable of shifting between standard, low-light, and infrared spectrum by subvocal verbal command. This system was intended to include video systems that interfaced with HERMES, but was never completed.
  • External Speaker: Each helmet contains an external speaker to allow for clear vocal communication.

Body Armor

  • MK II Ferrofluid Armor: The armor plates of the ANCILIA Armor System contain ferrofluid capable of hardening to resist bullet impacts in a fraction of a second. This allows the ANCILIA to shrug off most light arms fire from handguns and light automatic weapons. Each resisted shot depletes a battery pack that must be recharged for the armor to remain functional, otherwise it only provides protection as ballistic kevlar weave. Unlike the HORIZON armor, MK II Ferrofluid systems are not susceptible to electrical overcharge and are insulated from external electrical sources, preventing overload.
  • Vital Sensors: Each ANCILIA Armor System displays heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration data available in a heads-up display via a subvocal verbal command. The ANCILIA systems can display this biometric data of any other user connected to the HERMES system as well.

Dimensional Intrusion Protection

Both the body armor and helmet of the ANCILIA Armor System is designed to resist shearing and heat factors comparable to re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. These conditions are similar to what those passing through the Looking Glass technology experience and facilitated the necessity of these suits of armor.

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