Autonomous Catatonic Transport System (ACTS)

Eight feet long and three and a half feet wide, the ACTS is a self-sustained containment system designed to withhold a single adult human weighing up to 400 lbs with a height of seven and a half feet maximum. The ACTS is a locking coffin-shaped cabinet made from extremely durable polycarbonate sheet and resin similar to Lexan. The durable resin case serves as a protection for sensitive mechanical components inside which operate the mechanisms for lid opening and closing as well as the computerized chemical deployment systems.

Inside of an ACTS case, there is a hydraulic restraint system consisting of a pair of titanium arms that fold over the shoulders and feature adjustable wrist restraints. The padded interior of the ACTS case is made from a supple black vinyl and provides ample neck and back support as well as serves as padding in the event that the ACTS case is jostled.

On the inside of the ACTS lid there is an internal computer-regulated chemical IV system that can be spooled out and connected to the patient inside. Weight, height and other details may be input into a touch screen interface on the foot of the ACTS case to judge the proper dosage of sedatives and hydration for the detainee.

A respirator mask is also available which pumps in a supply of ability negating gas to neutralize any evolved ability that may be in play. A single ACTS case can contain and negate an individual on its own battery power and chemical reserves for 24 hours before needing to be recharged, or connected to a tailored interface that attaches to docking hose clamps on the bottom of the case, for long-term containment.

Each ACTS case is outfitted with a GPS radio tracking sensor inside the internal computer. From the external touch screen, an Institute technician can check vital signs and other pertinent information about a detainee and also begin the revivification process to awaken an imprisoned individual.


The Institute has been capturing and imprisoning Evolved in these cases since early 2010. They were designed by collaboration of Doctor Jean Martin Luis and Doctor Mohinder Suresh as a reliable means of long-term detention for dangerous Evolved in a humane manner. Where these cases go after being filled has not been revealed…

Autonomous Catatonic Transport System (ACTS)

Currently in the keeping of:
The Institute

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