BARNACLE Bio-Reactor

The latest in eco-friendly technology from your friends at Raytech Industries, this modular system is intended to reduce the effects of air and water pollution throughout the world while simultaneously benefiting those utilizing this technology in more material ways than simply reducing their carbon footprint!

The basic BARNACLE™ tile is nine square feet of ceramic-shielded faux-barnacle bio-reactors, creating an organically pleasing aesthetic whether used upon a building, bridge supports underwater, or other surfaces. They come in two versions, BARNACLE AIR™ and BARNACLE WATER™, intended for use in open air or underwater purposes respectively. While by default they do not look different, various colors and paint schemes are available for the discerning customer.

Part of the system are solar panel tiles of the same size that can be networked with the BARNACLE™ tiles to provide electricity to start them off functioning, although once the system gets going the solar power becomes more of a failsafe than a requirement. One solar tile per dozen BARNACLE™ tiles is recommended.


The BARNACLE™ bio-reactor is a cost-effective solution to water purification developed by an openly pro SLC-Expressive corporation in the United States, representing the bleeding edge of green technology.

BARNACLE Bio-Reactor

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The BARNACLE AIR™ tiles extract excess CO2 from the air that passes over them and shunt these gases along pipes that lead to the core of the BARNACLE AIR™ system - the algae bioreactor. Utilizing a genetically modified strain of chlorella vulgaris algae, the bioreactor ensures the algae is fed with oxygen, CO2, and artificial light sufficient to allow it to thrive and grow. This algae is then converted into a clean biofuel that can be used to power both the BARNACLE™ tiles and used to supplement the power needs of the building it’s integrated into, creating a degree of self-sufficiency from the grid.

An alternative option for areas in need of fresh water is BARNACLE PURIFY™ - the bioreactor is instead replaced with a three-stage carbon dioxide desalination system. Instead of electricity, the system can turn brackish or salt water into the pure fresh water needed for human life to thrive.


BARNACLE Water™ draws in water instead of air with an eye towards removing pollutants. Water passes through the bio-reactors on each tile — an attached algal scrubber outfitted with aquaporins filtration systems, where modified periphytic algae extracts nitrogen, Sulphur, and other common pollutants from the water. The resulting algal growth is moved into an anaerobic digestion system that breaks it down and produces methane biogas - which is then used to charge fuel cells, creating electricity. Large shipping vessels, yachts, and military vessels can be equipped with this system, or it can be attached to bridge supports, pier supports, or the inside of dams as necessary.

A stripped-down version of the system, intended for use on smaller boats, removes the connection to the algal scrubber and has a tank that must be regularly emptied into such a scrubber - these units are available separately as well.

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