Black King Chess Piece

Three and a half inches tall and made from black onyx brought to a polished finish. However, this chess piece has seen considerable abuse, pitting its surface and cracking one side of it. The chess piece looks old and poorly treated.


This mysterious trinket was given to Richard Cardinal by Simon Broome in a seemingly genuine show of camaraderie with the leader of _endgame. However he never once spoke of the chess piece's significance, and Cardinal was not able to steer the conversation towards his intentions with it. It was revealed in the Volume XI scene "Exodus" that the chess piece was actually the same chess piece used by Simon Broome in the early 1990s when he met a time-traveling Richard Cardinal in Central Park. He had been attempting to gauge when in his own personal timeline Cardinal was by showing him the chess piece.

Black King Chess Piece

Currently in the keeping of:
Richard Ray

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