Butterfly Bracelet

This bracelet which Colette insists is a butterfly is actually a roughly one-inch wide flower made from green peridot marquises and shimmering red aurora borealis navette. The band that holds the bracelet in place are adorned with clear, round cut crystals set in hematite.


Colette was given this bracelet on her birthday in 2008 by Tamara Brooks, a gift that impacted their relationship significantly. Already adoring Tamara as a protector and 'guardian angel,' Colette took the gift to heart and the imagery she personally — and incorrectly — associates with it affected the very way her own ability began to manifest. The creation of photokinetic butterflies is entirely an affect of having received this bracelet and the emotional significance it retains and personal strength that it gives her.

The bracelet was lost to Colette after her capture and appropriation by the Institute. It remained in storage in the Commonwealth Arcology until Tamara retrieved it, shortly before the building's destruction on November 8, 2011. Almost a month later, the bracelet was returned to Colette.

Colette is always wearing this bracelet, even if it is not directly referenced in any one scene.

Trivia: This is also an unacknowledged piece of Tamara's past, having been worn by her in 2005, when she still lived a normal life.

Butterfly Bracelet

Currently in the keeping of:
Colette Demsky

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