Else's Journal

This unassuming looking red, spiral-bound notebook once belonged to the prophet Else Kjelstrom. During a prophetic fit, Else scrawled writing in an unusually urgent manner into the book and the first page of the journal details that frantic prophetic rapture with scribbled handwriting and a very bolded and warning phrase written across the middle of the first page, Every Prophet In His House.

The latter pages of the journal are personal journal entries from Colette Nichols, whom took ownership of the book following Else's failing health. The pages detail Colette's work for the Ferrymen, how she couriers packages, as well as the Ferrymen's crisis of dealing with the H5N10 virus and her own personal feelings on her work with the Ferry. Colette's name is not mentioned directly in the writing, but all of the entries are written to an unnamed father figure only referred to as Dad from the perspective of trying to explain the good work she does and why she works with the Ferrymen.


This book contains revelations of the future yet to come, and seems to somehow connect with the flash forwards that were experienced on June 10th, 2010.

Else's Journal

Currently in the keeping of:
Harve Brennan


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