FirePoint L5A1 Smart LMG

The L5A1 Smart LMG produced by FirePoint Arms Manufacturing is a man-portable light machine gun with automatic targeting capabilities chambered for 10×28mm Caseless ammunition. The L5A1 utilizes a rail-mounted onboard microcomputer to coordinate targeting assistance, allowing the gun to take in calculations like distance and (when able to access outside atmospheric data, either through an open wireless or satellite channel, or via wired connection to a body-mounted computer) can also factor in wind speed and other atmospheric effects, allowing the gun to help its wielder fire at precisely the right moment.

The L5A1 is designed with modern military cybernetics and onboard computers in hard exoskeletons in mind, and features data ports and optional wireless signal capabilities as well as biometric locking.

The L5A1 can fire 50 rounds per drum magazine or utilize belted ammunition. Unfortunately, the proprietary ammunition type (exotic 10x28mm Caseless rounds) makes finding spare ammunition for the L5A1 unlikely in the field.


The L5A1 is one of the first "cybernetic-forward" firearms to meet the mass market.

FirePoint L5A1 Smart LMG

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