François' Journals

A collection of usually leatherbound journals filled with pages of neat and determined handwriting, ranging from World War II through to the present day, and roaming locations from German-occupied France, Russia, Poland, Argentina and eventually, spanning across the United States.


As much as many of the pages that fill these varied journals are inconsequential now both to their writer and readers, the collection itself has served in both a source of guidance about the traveling healing power possessed by the journals' author François Allègre, passed on to Abigail Beauchamp and finally Flint Deckard, as well as information about its harmful degenerative opposite, possessed most famously by Kazimir Volken, as well as Gabriel "Sylar" Gray and Peter Petrelli. Journals written in the aftermath of WWII hold a central theme of tracking Kazimir's whereabouts, and then, eventually, detailing information about the dangerous group named the _vanguard.

By providing this information, interested readers were also given insight as to the one who wrote them, and that is how the journals saved Francois' life — with a little help from an old acquaintance.

A journal detailing Francois' time in Russia was discovered by Deckard, and another detailing events in South America was given to Eileen Ruskin by Hokuto Ichihara, as it had been sold to her mother. Both still possess these.

François' Journals

Currently in the keeping of:
Variously: François Allègre, Eileen Ruskin, Flint Deckard and…

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