Glycimerine is a lexitropsin, a semi-synthetic DNA-binding ligand. Glycimerine was used by the Company to perform genetic analysis of SLC-Expressive people in an attempt to determine their Expressive ability. Glycimerine treatments were administered through a cerebral shunt and were highly ineffective with regards to accuracy. Additionally, glycimerine had deleterious effects on nervous system function and in high doses was fatal. The Company phased out glycimerine injections by the early 2000's except in extreme cases where identification of an Expressive ability was of mission-critical nature.

Production of glycimerine has halted worldwide, though new generations of lexitropsin-like drugs designed to identify codons that can identify SLC-Expressive abilities are in various states of testing.


The Company administered glycimerine to Sylar when he was in Company custody in an attempt to identify his ability. However, Company scientists were unfamiliar with the power of mosaics at the time, and were unable to recognize his ability for what it was.


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