Gorgon Virus

Gorgon is a viral biological weapon designed by the Mitchell administration in conjunction with research performed by the Commonwealth Institute. Development of Gorgon began in early 2012 during the start of what would become the Second American Civil War. Gorgon is a descendant of the Advent Virus, a viral weapon capable of rapid cellular deconstruction of Non-Expressive humans. Unlike the Advent Virus, Gorgon is designed to target the HERV-K-SLC pathway. Gorgon was designed to be highly contagious, capable of spreading by air. Once infected, victims of the Gorgon virus would experience immediate numbness in their extremities as the virus attacks the central nervous system, followed by total paralysis within 1 minute and finally death within 1 hour of infection. However, research on Gorgon was never completed and a Resistance attack on the laboratory in 2013 ended with the destruction of all but one sample of the virus.


Jolene Chevalier was exposed to the virus when she led an attack on the development compound in 2013 and suffered severe nerve damage as a result. She has since been healed of her injuries.

In 2019 the last known sample of the Gorgon virus was stolen from the CDC headquarters in Kansas City by Shedda Dinu.

Gorgon Virus

Currently in the keeping of:
Shedda Dinu

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