Hunter Bot

Approximately 1 meter tall at the shoulder, designed to resemble the skeleton of a large quadrupedal predator, complete with skull and glowing "eyes." Typically matte black or gunmetal grey. Comprised of metal reinforcements/shielding over carbon, rubber, hydraulics etc. Engine, battery, software, communication, GPS and other significant components contained in bullet/waterproof case with built in coolant system that periodically ejects steam through vents when the device is in danger of overheating. Top speed in the open approx 30 mph. Sharp reflexes, resilient, self-stabilizing and balanced.


An autonomous machine secretly contrived in Argentina by Braxton H. Pendragon XIV to locate, stalk and incapacitate evolved targets taking shelter in the hostile terrain around a Vanguard base of operations.

This and other models became known to the United States Government in the wake of Operation Apollo in 2010.

The original design is currently in the process of being streamlined and overhauled for deployment in New York City under the Department of Evolved Affairs' watchful eye. Early models are online and have already been released for live testing within city limits.

Hunter Bot

Currently in the keeping of:
Department of Evolved Affairs


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