Jīnjī (金鶏)

The Jīnjī (金鶏) are a swarm-intelligence drone system developed in secret by Praxis Heavy Industries at Alameda Point Airfield. The Jīnjī are designed to operate in a swarm of 20—50 drones, each operating solely on an autonomous AI system. Individually, a single Jīnjī measures 6 feet long with a 9 foot wingspan and is capable of moving at speeds up to 600 mph. Jīnjī operate on a distributed quantum computing network linking the drones to one-another on an "invisible" network. The technology for the quantum computing network originates from the ANCILIA Armor taken from a parallel timeline and has not otherwise been invented in this timeline. Each Jīnjī costs roughly 350 million dollars to produce.

Jīnjī were designed for a solitary purpose: to remotely track and locate SLC-Expressive humans. To this end, each Jīnjī is outfitted with a highly sensative magnetometer based on Compass technology, able to locate the specific magnetic fields emitted by SLC-Expressive people. Adam Monroe had the Jīnjī designed to identify and locate the Entity and the only swarm of them ever produced were deployed in the Battle of Detroit. Roughly 23 Jīnjī were destroyed in the confrontation with the remainder believed to be confiscated by the US Government in the aftermath of the conflict.

The Jīnjī are not designed for combat, but speed and maneuverability and could be taken down by light arms fire.


Jīnjī (金鶏)

Currently in the keeping of:
US Government

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