Kamov Ka-27

Strange-looking to American eyes because of its coaxial rotor system, the Kamov Ka-27 is something like a warthog: Ugly, but fast, agile, and very tough. Besides two pilots, there is room inside for equipment and/or personnel, and because of its internal systems and external hard point, could be adapted for close-in air support or electronic warfare, if someone with the resources and the "knack" had a few days with it.


Acquired surplus from the Soviet Union for the Vanguard, it was gifted to Raith by Rico to help with the cause. Since then, it has proven to be critical not only to the Remnant, but to the Ferrymen as well when the situation calls for fast insertion into or extraction from a "hot zone." For the time being, it is the only helicopter the Ferrymen, and by extension, Phoenix have available for use.

Kamov Ka-27

Currently in the keeping of:
The Remnant

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