KISAKI Power Armor (YT-XS1)

The YT-XS1, known as KISAKI, is an exoskeleton armor kit developed by Yamagato Industries. Designed with ability-assisted creation by Marlowe Terrell, the KISAKI armor currently stands as a unique prototype in the industry. The assembly consists of three major parts: an inner layer bodysuit, mid layer human-operated exoskeletal frame, and outer layer reinforced head-to-toe armor.

Powered by several SEMB (SEM-bee, SEparable Micro-Battery) units, the KISAKI has normal operations capacity for 4 hours before requiring recharge. The independently powered units allow for the suit's features, such as integrated combat defense technology and hazardous environment life support systems, to operate without extreme powerload drain. Coupled with active in-suit monitoring and near-zero latency responsive programs, the combination makes the KISAKI a versatile machine with multi-environmental, multi-purpose usage potential.

Key Personnel Support Features
The KISAKI Power Armor comes with several designed features intended to support, amplify, and protect the wearer.
The inner layer body suit is made with slash and high heat resistant synthetic aramid fabric weave and viscoelastic material, giving unrestricted free movement and ample protections from potential harm. The entire kit can be sealed and pressurized with air particle filtration and limited oxygen/underwater environment support up to 3 consecutive hours. Reinforced machined anchors within the exoskeleton frame offer powered load bearing capability beyond normal human means. An in-helmet heads-up display (HUD) with augmented reality (AR) functions provide enhanced visual and biometric data to the wearer. As with all Yamagato Industries tech, the wearer’s protection extends to its computer-aided functions via advanced encryption systems and algorithms.

Key Combat and Defense Features
The outermost layer of the KISAKI Power Armor consists formed plate armor made from a lightweight reinforced material as seen with the YX Cestus and Knightwing, and is capable of withstanding small arms fire with minor damage. Within the plates, inner micro-layers packed with chargeable ferrofluid are capable of withstanding kinetic impacts and heavier gunfire. Integrated nonlethal acoustic weaponry, electrical pulse taser, and a deployable bladed weaponry system allow the wearer quick access to a multitude of self-defense options in a variety of combat situations.

Additional Features
The prototype KISAKI Power Armor contains hardened steel and titanium alloy nodules set in the arm plates. Marlowe is able to manipulate these materials via her matter manipulation ability.
Yes, it's also got a cape sometimes. For the drama.


Currently in the hands of Yamagato Industries’ Tech Director, Marlowe operates this one-of-a-kind machine at her discretion. Given its significant financial investment from the company, the suit technology is heavily guarded. The suit is cleared to be used within the same legal limits of other security firms armors.

KISAKI Power Armor (YT-XS1)

Currently in the keeping of: Marlowe Terrell
With ability usage display

OOC Notes & Limitations
The KISAKI is not invulnerable to extreme weather or environmental conditions. It is not designed to go into space or deep water. It does not fly. Though it does have strong protections of its software and mechanical functions, it is still majorly vulnerable to the possibility of technopath intervention (due to the variability of technopathic powers, current computer encryption mileage may vary). The suit does not have its own integrated firearms, but regular firearms can be carried and operated normally. The ferrofluid plating has the same armor capabilities as an AEGIS, and nonlethal acoustic weaponry rated the same as a XLRAD Banshee.

The name Kisaki comes from the Kun reading of the kanji 后 which can be translated as 'queen' or 'empress'.

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