The Knightwing is a bleeding-edge tech prosthetic arm specifically designed in the same branch and vein as the YX Cestus-I and Cestus-II. The prosthetic is directly hardwired into the recipient's brain via a previously installed cybernetic nervous system connection. The process takes roughly 30 minutes to fully install basic usage, but advanced connections for zero latency with SLC-Expressive abilities require significantly more delicate installation procedures within highly-controlled surgical settings.

Once the limb is installed, its user has access to full range motion and physical sensation including temperature, pressure and other tactile input as any organic arm. Like the Cestus, gold nanowires set in gel electrolyte allows for the fast-charging and long-lasting battery to go an estimated 60 days of standard usage before it requires a 3-minute recharge. Designed with lightweight nanomaterial-reinforced carbon fiber, the Knightwing is capable of withstanding direct small arms fire without sustaining any more than cosmetic damage. The limb is mounted on reinforced musculoskeletal anchors giving its bearer increased grip strength and lifting capability beyond normal human means.

Additional unique features of the Knightwing also include: sleek all black finish, programmable auto-timed dispersal of anti-cybernetic rejection drugs, built-in capacitive display with encrypted wireless communications on secure network channels, and a hidden deployable, wakizashi-sized, hardened steel alloy chain-blade.


Designed and produced by Yamagato Tech Director Marlowe Terrell, this unique prosthetic cybernetic arm was given to Monica Dawson. The design is one of a kind, custom sized and built to Monica's body and ability, and created via a combination of traditional engineering technique and heavy SLC-E ability use.

Its namesake is based off the Marvel comics crimefighting duo, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.


Currently in the keeping of: Monica Dawson

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