Kris Dagger

The kris dagger is an ancient weapon once held by the Company in a secure vault in Odessa, Texas. The dagger, as with many of the vault's contents, originally were held by the Nazi party during World War II and were liberated by Allied forces and imported to the United States. Following the rise of the Company, the contents of the vault, including the dagger, exchanged hands. When the Company was toppled by the Institute, the contents of the vault transferred to the Institute's leadership and nearly all items, including the kris dagger, remain held in a subterranean vault at The Reach.

However, when Phoenix traveled from the year 2040 he brought a version of the dagger once owned by his mother Monica. In 2011 he gifted the dagger to her, allowing for an identical copy of the knife to be present from two separate timelines and points in history. Monica Dawson is depicted wielding this dagger on the cover of the prophetic comic book "9th Wonders" issue #10, originally penned in 2005 by precognitive Isaac Mendez.

The origins of the kris dagger are yet unknown.


Nemesis (first mentioned)
Fight and Flight (a dream of 2041)
A Blade of Time (JJ gives his time's version of the dagger to Monica)
The Vault (Broome reveals how the dagger came into the Institute's possession)

Kris Dagger

Currently in the keeping of:
Monica Dawson (Wasteland Timeline Blade)
Simon Broome (Prime Timeline Blade)

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