Leather Bound Journal

A pocket sized leatherbound journal with over a hundred pages.


Using her ability while augmented, Squeaks found this journal taped into the hidden drawer of a restored and donated end table in the Doyle Library. It is of unknown origin originally, but it contains ink that made up an ink mimic that had found herself trapped inside copies of the Wolves of Valhalla. How she ended up with half of her sealed in a piece of donated furnature is not known, but Squeaks has been collecting her pieces into the journal and the mark on her arm.

Leather Bound Journal

Currently in the keeping of:

Date Title Short Summary
07/25/2018 Unknown and Unseen Squeaks finds the book and discovers her ability in the process.
09/15/2018 ... --- ... The book starts to talk to her, after coming in contact with some copies of Wolves of Valhalla in the bookstore. Squeaks gets the first stroke of the mark on her arm.
Secret Messages Squeaks shares the story with others, but doesn't have much information to go on yet.
09/17/2018 charlottesweb17 Another book that contains pieces of her are found, and Squeaks gets the next part of her mark.
Hypothesis The third mark. With the help of others, things start to come together.
Cryptography The ink lady shows herself, in miniature. Squeaks obtains the 4th mark, and is told that there are eight. Whatever eight means.
09/20/2018 The Shattered Lady While no further pieces are found, a precog with a changing ability can see the shattered lady being put back together.
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