Developed by Devi Ezelll and Seren Evans
with help from Brynn Ferguson and Caspian Dussault


Raytech's Mantis design is a revolutionary vehicle specifically designed for average citizens of the New York Safe Zone. Unveiled as part of Raytech's presentations in May at the World's Fair 2019, the vehicle is made available to the public for regular rental options in increasing numbers as early as July 2019. Starting September 2019, custom orders are made available for private purchase.

Mantis vehicles, due to their four-wheeled design, can be operated by users with a standard motor vehicle license. Furthermore, the independent suspension systems enable each wheel to move freely - perfect for the difficult terrain still under reconstruction in the NYCSZ. The body is made from a combination of minimal lightweight carbon fiber and custom solar panels. The molded panels adapted to 85% of the cycle's surfaces allows the machine to collect direct and indirect sunlight reflected in its surroundings.

The Mantis is designed to boost transportation and infrastructure in the Safe Zone and has thus been marketed to the average resident.


Currently in the keeping of:
Raytech Industries

Rental Units

Mantis is a motorbike made available via the motor vehicle-sharing program called Pryr. Users on the GhostNet and other NYCSZ approved mobile devices can download the same-named app Pryr, verify valid license details, and link payment accounts. Users with questionable motor vehicle reports my be rejected from app registration.

Rented Unit Features

  • Mantis vehicles built for the Pryr program are governed at a top speed of 55 MPH.
  • Users are charged a nominal monthly fee for insurance purposes.
  • Users are charged a small hourly fee for rentals.
  • Use are not required to pick up or return vehicles to any one location. GPS tracking enables users to locate the nearest available and un-rented Mantis to any current location within the NYCSZ permitter.
  • User Terms and Conditions include a release of liability for Raytech Industries.

Private Purchase

  • Starting MSRP is $15,999.
  • Top Speed 130 mph
  • Max Battery Capacity 16.3 kWh
  • Night Range ~200 miles


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