Negoxan (Adynotyline)

The pharmaceutical drug Adynotyline was marketed as "Negoxan" by the Biodynamics Corporation, a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Institute of Massachusetts. It was a single capsule that was taken twice daily to suppress any and all Evolved abilities. A dose of Negoxan lasted for 12 hours and takes roughly 30 minutes to onset and offset.


Adynotyline was developed by the United States Government following their pact with the Company that granted them some of the Company's research and development into the Evolved. Originally developed at Biomere Research, Inc, Adynotyline research was moved to the Commonwealth Institute in the winter of 2009 for clinical studies. Adynotyline was based off of so-called "Haitian pills" developed by the Company, which was a cocktail of drugs that affected brain chemistry. Negoxan is a more powerful version of the drug and has many pharmaceutical similarities to anti-depressants.

Negoxan was available by requesting a prescription from a doctor and could only be prescribed to Registered Evolved. Some doctors diminished the negative side-effects on pregnancies, and prescribed it to pregnant mothers, resulting in a flurry of lawsuits following the establishment of the Evolved Bill of Rights following the Second American Civil War.

During the unlawful mass incarceration of SLC-Expressive individuals during the Petrelli and Mitchell administrations, Negoxan was forcibly supplied to resettlement communities and made a mandatory supplement. In 2014 it was discovered that Adynomine II contained high concentrations of carcinogenic compounds that raised risk of cancer and is no longer produced. Expired packages of Negoxan can be found across much of the uninhabited ruins in the United States.

Negoxan (Adynotyline)

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