Periwinkle Van

A van painted a very distinctive shade of periwinkle. Battered, well-used, well-loved.


First appearing in the streets of Manhattan, this vehicle was used by John Logan and Jack Discreetly to kidnap Magnes Varlane and Abigail Beauchamp, later identified as the culprit vehicle through the use of a psychometer who astutely described the van as periwinkle. During the duration of Abby and Magnes' disappearance, a witchhunt for the periwinkle van was launched and identified as a commonly seen vehicle on Staten Island.

It also appeared at an auction in the Rookery, only to reappear behind the Happy Dagger when it was burned to the ground, and used as Logan's getaway vehicle when he and a handful of employees escaped Staten Island for New Jersey.

It appeared next on the fringes of Staten Island, used as a getaway vehicle again after an attack on a Ferryman safehouse; Delilah Trafford and Allen Rickham used it to relocate to a safe place.

Its whereabouts are now currently unknown, but given its ability to seemingly appear at random intervals and places, it's only a matter of time…

Periwinkle Van

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