Puzzle Rings

This trio of silver rings are actually one single ring of braided metal that can be taken apart or combined into a single piece of jewelry. It features an 0.4 karat diamond attached to one of the three rings. An inscription inside of each ring reads ten years, a reference made to a potential future Colette learned of where she and Tamara married.


These pieces of jewelry were a Christmas gift from Colette Nichols to Tamara Brooks. The rings symbolize the intertwined union of their histories and futures in a way only Tamara can actually know, but also emphasize Colette's feelings for the blonde seer and how she intends to always be there as a part of her, no matter what may come between them; they can always fit back together.

After the riots of November 8, 2010, the reciprocal half to Colette's puzzle ring came back into her possession, received in an envelope from Tamara. She wore it around her neck on a chain, until her own capture and appropriation by the Institute. The rings then languished in storage in the Commonwealth Arcology until Tamara retrieved them, shortly before the building's destruction on November 8, 2011. Almost a month later, the rings were each restored to their rightful keepers.

In February of 2018, Colette commissioned a third ring to be made that fits over hers, which was gifted to Tasha the following March on Tamara's birthday. The three rings mirror their shared relationship and Colette's promise to the future.

Puzzle Rings

Currently in the keeping of:
Colette Demsky, Tamara Brooks, and Tasha Renard-Lazarro

"An' they fit together kinda' funny, like— it doesn't really look like they should, y'know? They're a puzzle." — Colette to Tamara

"For the longest time I thought the puzzle of my life only had two pieces. But, that was never the case. I was trying to solve something I didn't know the final shape of.” — Colette to Tamara and Tasha

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