"Shooting Star" (prophetic painting)

Following this painting is a one foot by one foot painting of a circular window by a different artist than Mendez. Out the window is viewed the curvature of the earth from space, and a streak of fire falling down towards the planet, twinkling stars in the dark void.

— from The Color Red, Part I


One of fourteen pieces of prophetic artwork hidden under the orchestra pit at the Mariinsky Theatre and safeguarded by Ivan Spektor and his wife, Katarina, with help from Yustina Kozlow.

"Shooting Star" was recovered from St. Petersburg by Benjamin Ryans and Catherine Chesterfield, two members of a team organized by Noah Bennet that also included Abigail Beauchamp, Lashirah Lee and René so that it did not fall into _institute hands.

The artist is unknown.

OOC: The artwork for this painting was contributed by Rose.

"Shooting Star" (prophetic painting)

Currently in the keeping of:
Benjamin Ryans/Catherine Chesterfield

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