SOD (Sureceptigene Optimadenoplasmid Drug regimen)

The SOD is a therapy process designed to return lost SLC abilities. Subjects generally require medical consultation before undergoing treatment, as the treatment itself is painful and arduous. After purposeful infection and near-total immune suppression, the SLC is systematically cleared of the amino 'junk' that is blocking its expression. The subject requires further days in a clean room, though if the person is generally healthy, this process does not take more than two or three days after treatment.

The SOD treatment works by degrading all copies of the SLC prion-like protein, misfolded and normal alike. Doing so allows natural mechanisms to clear out misfolded protein. When treatment is concluded, new protein can be made without interference from misfolded versions, restoring normal function of the SLC and therefore access to one's ability.

Because SOD treatment degrades both forms of the prion-like protein, its core component can potentially be used for chemical negation. However, the current method of treatment is impractical for that purpose.

SOD treatment is not yet FDA approved.


The Sureceptigene Optimadenoplasmid Drug regimen(working name SOD) is a gene therapy designed by the studies and experimentation of scientists at the now defunct Staten Island Hospital. Theorized and first created by Bella Sheridan, the process of further study of Adenoviridae Optimusynthovirus aminophagus fell largely into the purview of herself, and doctors Bao-Wei Cong and Dmitri Gregor.

The study and created synthetic has been utilized as a means to return abilities to those who had them removed or blocked. The initially solo test subject was Warren Ray by Bella Sheridan; long after the destruction of the Staten Island Hospital, it was more carefully tailored and used by the Commonwealth Institute to restore Tyler Case to his original SLC state.

(The naming of the treatment and the synthetic virus was intentionally ironic thanks to dry senses of humor on part of the scientists; Optimus meaning 'best' and the treatment anagram of SOD meaning roughly 'the poor sod' who has to go through it.)

SOD (Sureceptigene Optimadenoplasmid Drug regimen)

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