Raytech produces and sells these adorable little quadrupedal robots, standing just shy of three feet in height and four feet long, with a folding manipulator arm on its back that can reach up to three more feet that can effectively lift up to thirty pounds. Gyroscopic balance gives it excellent balance and self-righting capability, and allows its grasper arm to hold hot beverages without spilling even a drop! Battery life can last for up to twelve hours, and it can be connected via outlet or allowed to use a built-in solar panel to charge.

The Raytech Spottm is largely autonomous, able to receive verbal commands from authorized users (which can be modified by the owner from 'anyone' to 'just their voiceprint' or a list of users) and capable of mild problem-solving such as navigating obstacles and opening doors. In areas with GPS access it can do so for navigation, and has shown some promise as a possible courier drone. If wanted, it can be programmed with simple verbal responses or sound files to particular occurrences, such as announcing its completion of a task or playing a 'purring' sound file if someone pats it. Given its lack of physical strength and weaponry capabilities, it serves no real purpose in combat, allowing it to avoid the laws about dangerous drones.


One of the first commercially available new-generation robots on the market, the Spottm is largely meant to be a domestic robot, able to help disabled and elderly people around the home, and Raytech hopes to sell it as a vanity/luxury item in large enough numbers to allow them to keep the price low enough for those more needful customers. Raytech's hope is additionally that by introducing such harmless - even cute - robots into the market it will begin to ease the public's fear of robotics after the war.

They've become even more ubiquitous with the release of the FETCH app. This free-to-install application allows anyone with access to GhostNET or lightRadio who is within Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and parts of Williamsburg and Phoenix Heights to put orders for fresh groceries provided by the Raytech-Yamagato greenhouse. These orders are delivered by the company's Spottm robots, which are swiftly becoming an iconic part of Raytech's media presence.


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