St. Jude Medallion

A silver chain with a silver medallion hanging off it as a pendant, the medallion itself is an unusual design, hand made; a tiny figure of a holy man, St. Jude, is hammered into the center of a flat piece, silver scrollwork in the shape of a crude heart outlines it. An inscription on the back reads, With Love, Czerwony.


After dreamwalker Delia Ryans' dream self rested in the slumbering mind of Nick Ruskin, seeing his bleak dreams and dark psyche, she presented him with the medallion as a thank you and to "keep him safe" in January 2011. Jude is the patron saint of lost souls, and Delia recognizes that Nick sees himself as this. The purchase of the gift caused some conflict between Delia and her brother Russo, whose credit card Delia used despite knowing Russo was against Delia's friendship with Nick, after being warned by Nick's sister Eileen that Nick could be dangerous.

It's also been seen around the neck of a strange, masked dreamwalker named Jasmine, identical in every way.

St. Jude Medallion

Currently in the keeping of:
Nick Ruskin

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