T8 Heavy Tetsujin Labor Automaton

The Yamagato Industries T8 Heavy "Tetsujin" Labor Automaton is the second generation autonomous labor drone modeled after the lightweight and multi-purpose TX. The T8 is a hulking machine standing twelve feet tall and capable of a max lift of 8,760 lbs. These labor-ready robots are intended for construction or other heavy labor fields where vehicles like backhoes or forklifts would find difficulty maneuvering. The T8 utilizes the latest in adaptive navigation, able to traverse slick or uneven surfaces without guidance from a handler.

T8-Heavy Tetsujin come fully equipped with automated and articulated tool appendages, capable of serving multiple roles in reconstruction like the TX model but are specialized for heavy industrial labor and manufacturing. The T8-Heavy Tetsujin line of autonomous construction workers can operate independently via scripted virtual intelligence and basic machine learning, just like their smaller counterparts, or they can be remote operated by professionals from across the world.


100 T8-Heavy Tetsujin robots were shipped to Vashon Island to assist in the construction of the SEA-TAC Safe Zone in June of 2021 and represent the first production models utilized by Yamagato Industries.

T8 Heavy Tetsujin Labor Automaton

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