The "Magic Mobile"

An old 70’s Shaggin' Wagon. Black with a fantasy scene painted on both sides. Wizards and dragons… The paint is dull with oxidation and there may be a few bullet hole. Inside is decked out in ratty, dusty golden yellow shag carpet. A Mattress of questionable origins, with a few sleeping bags piled on top. The occupant is not the neatest of people.

There are several storage compartments behind the paneling and under the bed. It is after all a van used for smuggling good and even people.


Obtained by Thomas Cooper during the war. His old van was destroyed and they found this one when they needed a new get away van. He loves that thing so much. It is so damn tacky he thinks it is the best thing ever. He now uses it for his undercover identity "Guy."

The "Magic Mobile"

Currently in the keeping of:
Guy Gergenblatt

Stored and Occasionally Used by Flint Deckard

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