TX "Tetsujin" Labor Automaton

The Yamagato Industries TX "Tetsujin" Labor Automaton is an autonomous labor-ready robot intended for construction or other heavy labor fields. They stand six feet tall and are designed to perform human labor in hazardous environments or when human labor is insufficient or infeasible. The Tetsujin's design is modeled to resemble the traditional attire of Japanese construction workers, down to the tabi-style boots.

Tetsujin come fully equipped with automated and articulated tool appendages, capable of serving multiple roles in reconstruction. The tetsujin line of autonomous construction workers can operate independently via scripted virtual intelligence and basic machine learning, or they can be remote operated by professionals from across the world.


The genesis of the tetsujin project came during Yamagato Industries’ assistance in repairing the Fukushima Daiichi reactor damaged in the 2010 tsunami.

Only a dozen tetsujin automatons have been shipped to the Safe Zone and are participating in a trial round of construction support applications.

TX "Tetsujin" Labor Automaton

Currently in the keeping of:
Yamagato Industries

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