A seven foot tall velociraptor-styled robot wearing a small hat and tuxedo vest. It does not actually have the ability to walk; it is on a motorized platform that can wheel it slowly around as necessary, but it is intended to stay in one place and serve as a receptionist. Its voice is patterned after Elle's, and is distinctive enough to be recognizable to those who know her. A limited ability to answer questions based on predictive programming and voice analysis allows it to give basic answers to questions about Raytech, and access to the company calendar and phone system allows it to set up appointments and call through the facility. It's capable of routing calls through itself, and 'speaking' as the person on the other end of the line.

It is generally considered creepy, inefficient, and weird. The staff move it around into various rooms. It's only at the front desk if none of the real receptionists can make it that day.

The kids love it.

It's slow and awkward physically and has just about no combat potential. At least now that we've removed all the weapons systems, WARREN.


Warren made this one day. Nobody is sure why.


Currently in the keeping of:
Raytech Industries

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