Walter's Sword

This weapon is of decorative design and seemingly inscrutable historic origin. The fittings are reminiscent of classical Chinese military Officer's swords, but the 37-inch long blade maintains a traditional Japanese swordsmithing design, as is the overall curved design of the sword. The handle is wrapped in a white pebbled ray skin. Tied to a loop on the tsuka at the end of the handle is a length of purple cloth, from which a pair of metallic charms hang that have been refashioned from brass shell casings.

The sword's sheath is a lacquered wood with matching brass fittings and a highly decorative purple saego tied between them. Despite its seemingly decorative nature, the sword looks considerably old and appears to have seen a great deal of use.


This sword belongs to Walter Trafford, though where he received it is unknown. The sword was gifted to Delilah at her baby shower along with a copy of Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings. On the topic of the package, Samson explained to Delilah that "he'll be needing that."

Walter was seen with a different sword in one instance on Staten Island, presumably as a temporary replacement. He possessed one during the Flood timeline during Garden of Forking Paths.

Walter's Sword

Currently in the keeping of:
Delilah Trafford Wasteland I, Prime

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