The largest revolver produced by Smith & Wesson, the Model 500, "Wilby" has been further modified by Raith, improving the recoil absorbing ability of the grip, as well as adding a "red dot" reflex sight to improving aiming over the iron sights, along with a sound suppressor on the barrel and a flashlight.


Originally intended to be a sporting piece after Raith retired from the CIA, Wilby has since been repurposed for use in situation where "extreme firepower" is called for, the heavy, .500 caliber magnum bullets leaving the barrel with enough energy to lift a sedan off the ground. In one instance, the firearm was used to disable retreating vehicles by punching holes in their engines. In another, it served as an excellent way to slow down Allen Rickham (one version of him), who was otherwise impervious to firearms.


Currently in the keeping of:
Raith, Avi Epstein, Huruma, Rue, Tafero


  • Although it is impossible to silence a revolver, due to the gap between the cylinder and the barrel allowing gases and muzzle blast to escape, the suppressor serves the alternate purpose of reducing the sound of firing and the recoil to tolerable and more easily manageable levels, respectively. It is, nevertheless, still very loud and kicks hard: Raith has been asked more than once what he intends to do when he runs out of "tank ammunition."
  • After Raith retired from active duty following the Cambridge massacre, his brother in law Avi took up his gun for him.
  • Avi Epstein left the gun with Huruma; it didn't find use with him, and he sought out someone who would respect it. (And be able to shoot it.) She then passed it to Rue some time later.
  • After Rue was captured in Iraq, the gun was taken by Jakob Tafero.
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