Wolf Cane

The wolf's head cane is a hand-crafted three and a half foot long walking cane. The cane's head is a steel countenance of a snarling wolf, bearing a deep two inch long groove across its forehead from an unknown source of damage. The cane's glossy black length is heavier than it looks, due to the fact that the cane itself is hollow, proving to be a concealed sheath for a narrow and razor-sharp foil. The blade of the cane was replaced in 2008 by Grigori Zukhovsky after it was snapped in half by Odessa.


The true origins of the wolf's headed cane are unknown. It was delivered as a gift to Kazimir Volken by his favored lieutenant Ethan Holden sometime during January of 2007 following the successful hunt of Grigori Zukhovsky. The cane became one of Kazimir's most recognizable symbols, and something of an iconic representation of the Vanguard as a whole. A trained classical fencer, Kazimir utilized the concealed sword within the cane on several occasions when either his life-draining ability was not required, or when he felt the need for a more visceral point to be made.

In Kazimir's hands in a fit of rage, the cane was used to murder Zhang Wu-Long when it became clear to Kazimir that Wu-Long had betrayed him.

After Kazimir's defeat in January of 2008, the cane was lost in the collapse of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, only to find its way into the hands of Gilbert Tucker, whom sold the cane to the notorious Staten Island criminal John Logan, whom used the cane on one occasion to beat Eileen Ruskin nearly to death.

Following an altercation with Logan, Teodoro Laudani, under the influence of a psychic parasite calling itself Ghost robbed Logan of the cane and came into possession of it. It was only on delivering a grievous injury to Doctor Bella Sheridan that Ghost bestowed the cane to her, carrying it's legacy onward through her cruel deeds.

Dr. Sheridan placed the cane in the care of Abigail Beauchamp, with instructions to return it to the man who gave it to her, or dispose of it as she saw fit. She in turn decided to gift it to Eileen, with the purpose of returning it back to the Vanguard in the hopes that it might become a symbol for something good instead of fear.

Following Eileen's death, the cane came into the possession of Benji Ryans, who then later bestowed it upon the leader of Wolfhound, Hana Gitelman following a serious injury she suffered in 2017.

When Hana fell prey to a technopathic trap set by the terrorist organization Mazdak, the cane came into the possession of Baruti Naidu, one of Mazdak's founders, who later gave it to Richard Ray by way of stabbing him with it and leaving him to die. Richard, prior to leaving on a long journey, gave the cane to his sister Kaylee with instructions to return it to Cecilia Weiss, better known as Kazimir Volken's adopted daughter Yvette.

Wolf Cane

Currently in the keeping of:
Cecilia Weiss

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