Wolves of Valhalla

Wolves of Valhalla: The Rise and Fall of Kazimir Volken's Vanguard is a non-fiction historic work by Luba Kolosova. Wolves of Valhalla tracks the origin of the Vanguard from Kazimir Volken's time in Nazi Germany to their defeat at the end of the US-led Operation Apollo and follows up on the whereabouts of many surviving members at the time of its writing in 2015. This 428 page softcover (also available as a hardcover) details many of the unsung heroics performed by everyday citizens in combating the Vanguard. While the book is considered well researched, some details pertaining to Kazimir Volken's personal life and his relationship with members of the Vanguard have been questioned for their accuracy.


It is the single most comprehensive work regarding the Vanguard available to the general public.

Wolves of Valhalla

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What this book contains:

  • Interviews with family members and associates of Vanguard operatives whose identities were made public, profiling the types of personalities Volken targeted for his organization.
  • A collection of glossy photographs recovered leading up to and during Operation Apollo, or provided by individuals Kolosova interviewed for the book.
  • Chapters on key Vanguard operatives, organized by code name, with an emphasis on cell leaders (Fafnir, Fenrir, Regin, Thor, etc.) and those who initiated the coup against Volken in January of 2009 (Munin, Tyr, etc.).
  • Transcripts of intercepted communications, as well as letters recovered during Operation Apollo.

What this book does not contain:

  • References to Kazimir Volken's ability as a "conduit" or any history of the ability prior to Kazimir Volken's rise to power.
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