World War II Officer Sword

With a blade measuring 42-inches long, this shin guntō is a traditional commissioned officer's sword from the World War II period in Japan. Unlike the machine stamped and mass-produced non-commissioned officer blades used by the majority of the Imperial Army during World War II, commissioned officer blades were hand-crafted and of fine construction. This particular sword has traditional silk wrappings for the grip and its original brass fittings and a ray-skin sheath that has faded some over the decades since its creation.


This aged looking weapon has been in the Nakamura family for generations. Originally owned by the father of Kaito Nakamura, the sword was designed for a Japanese Imperial Officer. The blade was then passed down to Kaito after his father's death. The blade was maintained at the Nakamura home in Tokyo, Japan until towards the end of Kaito's life when it was kept with him at the Yamagoto Corporation offices, ultimately being used in a duel with Adam Monroe where Kaito lost his life.

The blade was thereupon inherited by Kaito's son Hiro Nakamura to replace the Kensai sword that he had lost in his own battle with Adam. To this day, Hiro proudly carries his father's sword into battle.

World War II Officer Sword

Currently in the keeping of:
Hiro Nakamura

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