Xiezhi (獬豸)

The Xiezhi are quadrupedal drones incapable of autonomous function designed to serve as remotely-deployed weapons platforms originally designed by Praxis Heavy Industries prior to the company's collapse. The rights to Xiezhi production now belongs to Yamagato Industries. The Xiezhi are 6.5 feet tall, 9 feet long, and weighs 3,700 lbs. Each Xiezhi features an advanced terrain navigation system that requires minimal input from the pilot, who can operate the drone from a remote satellite link or within 200 feet using a wireless tablet tether system. Xiezhi are workhorse robots capable of carrying 3,500 lbs of equipment on their backs while navigating hazardous and rough terrain. Unburdened a Xiezhi at full-gallop can reach speeds of up to 55 mph.

Xiezhi are not typically produced with heavy armor but are constructed from sturdy tungstel steel. Most Xiezhi are outfitted with either a heavy machine gun or a modular XLRAD less-lethal system. However, the hard-point on a Xiezhi is highly versatile and capable of adapting to most any weapons system. In civilian use, Xiezhi drones can serve as material deployment units capable of carrying supplies over long distances. The bleeding edge aluminium-air battery deployed in each Xiezhi affords the drone 20 hours of continuous runtime before needing recharge.

As the Xiezhi is a true drone it has no autonomous functions and is potentially legal to own and operate within the United States, though it has not yet been made available to US markets.


Several Xiezhi units were deployed by Praxis Heavy Industries during the Battle of Detroit.

Xiezhi (獬豸)

Currently in the keeping of:
Yamagato Industries

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